2020 Let’s Do This !

First things first, before I get all bossy on you

‘Happy New Year’

I actually love this time of year, it’s sort of our chill time, its when we get on with all the jobs we never seem to have time for. Everyone is on a go slow until mid February.


I think the over eating, drinking, partying or sleeping we all do over Christmas means we are all more than ready to start the new year with a mass clean up and clear out!

It’s time to forget, plant new seeds, change the things about your life you hate   & with it being the start of a new decade an all, what better reason to have some mean targets stacked up in your firing range!

Bill Gates said,

“Most people over estimate what they can do in one year and underestimate  what they can do in ten years”

Don’t panic, I have a great way to help you highlight where best you need to concentrate your energy.


You need to ask yourself this – WHAT WOULD YOUR DREAM LIFE LOOK LIKE ?

At first, this can be hard to do because as we get older, we tend to put obstacles in the way. We can only think of all the reasons why we can’t have what we want, sooooooo many things stop our dreams.

Family commitments, work, money, time can be just a few of them holding you back from dreaming.

So, if your struggling, imagine you have a magic lamp and a genie has just popped out and given you as many wishes as you desire, what would you wish for?

What would your dream life look like?

At first my dream life was all about things, i.e. a cook, a mansion etc., but then, once you have completed this list, if someone said, tomorrow is your last day on earth your dream list would probably, like mine, change majorly!

Then the mansion and the cook wouldn’t seem so important, it would then be about the people I would want to be with on that last day, where would I want to be, what would I regret not having done in my life?

So try to take all these things into consideration but dream big. When we are young we can do it.

Its good to always have goals and never loose your ambition.

So sit and write this list right now! 


Now I want you to write down where you would like to be this time next year?

What would you like to have achieved by 2021

Try and keep this list realistic, i.e., yoga 3 times a week rather than 7 days a week, that way you are a lot more likely to stick with it and not give up.

Take a look at each one of these underlined sections below and scale them


0 being not happy at all and 10 feeling that you couldn’t be happier.

This will help you highlight the areas you could make changes as apparently, the people that are most happy, score highly and feel contented in all these areas.


IDEAS – Go on a date night once a week or month, walk the dog together daily with no phones! If your single write down what or who you would like to spend time with.


IDEAS – Go and shadow someone doing the job you would love to do, find out what you would need to do to be qualified and then start to plan ways to gradually move in the direction you want to be going.


IDEAS – Arrange to meet up with friends you might have lost contact with for breakfast or coffee once a month. Start to plan fitting in something you enjoy doing with friends or how to make new friends, cooking classes, dancing , tennis just get out there and be more social!


IDEAS – Do something together each week and make it a routine, call and book things up if you have guilt issues about not visiting, there’s always the cinema especially if you struggle to talk with out arguing!


IDEAS – Offer to help at your local school, or get in touch with age concern and give an hour a month to chat with someone lonely. Think what you have to offer and get out there and offer it lol


IDEAS – Start juicing , walk with a pod cast on for 20 mins a day you could even learn a language whilst walking. I love podcasts and listen to them whilst I do my makeup, when Im in the bath, when Im driving literally, I listen when Im cooking, cleaning you name it I listen to it, there are podcasts for everything and its free on your phone so get listening!


IDEAS – Turn your hobby into a money earner, start putting away each week for christmas, holidays, birthdays.Be brave and ask for a rise or ask how can you work towards meeting new targets.


IDEAS –  I do a 10min morning meditation I literally open my eyes find one on Youtube


IDEAS – Learn a language (podcast or youtube, or a musical instrument),look at open university courses. Haven’t got time to read ? Get audio books, apple amazon I again download books and listen whilst Im doing the jobs I hate – whilst house-working and cooking.


IDEAS – Do something for yourself. I go for a treatment with Sophia Sparkoils 07940 776100 my little piece of heaven and I get my eyelashes done with Holly Lashes De Lujo 07729113329. Just try to find something that feels like its a treat to yourself – lock yourself in the bathroom with a bar of chocolate, a bath and a book!


IDEAS – Join a drama group, choir, gym, dance class go to the cinema, basically do something that brings you enjoyment – box sets,Real Housewives, shopping, reading what ever do something for yourself.

N O W  –  J U S T  –  S T A R T –  T H A T  – D I A R Y 

I do my diary every night before going to sleep. I put the things I

have to do

at the

top of the page

and then I try to

check in on the list

I have made above, moving towards making these things happen.

Anything I do not manage to do I move over to the next day but nothing is nicer than ticking off the things you managed to complete.

Every now and then, like once a week or month check back in on that 1st DREAM LIFE LIST and see if your moving towards it – in any way possible, if not, then try otherwise it will always be a dream list not your reality.

Notice the people that drain your energy, the NEGATIVE NELLY’S I call them, see less of them. Surround yourself with positive people.

We all know someone thats negative or spiteful, jealous and selfish, stuck, always believing nothing is ever their fault, blaming everyone else for why their life is so pants, never wondering why they are alone surrounded by like minded muppets.

Put a little see through dome over your head and let their negative crap they aim at you, let it hit the dome and bounce off back into their space.

Or better still cut them out, ask what they bring to your life?

Fill your time with goals and let them stay sucking the energy out of someone else, they will still be there at the start of the next decade, dependant on someone, taking no accountability for how miserable they are making themselves and anyone in their radar.

Where as you,  you will be full of positive vibes living your dream life, gradually ticking off your goals and taking responsibility for your own happiness.

Don’t ever let the fear of other peoples opinions hold you back, if they love you they will only ever want you to be happy and sometimes that might mean they see less of you but ultimately, true friends and family stay together if the love is real.

 So thats your homework girls 🥰

I promise it works, don’t let another year pass if your feeling bored, trapped, lonely, just fed up with the same old same old then don’t just keep your head down and wait for change, lift it up and make plans. Even get your friends and family together and help them to make changes.

Your never to old.

  • Vera Wang – opened her first bridal shop at 40
  • Susan Boyle – auditioned on Britains Got Talent at 47
  • Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Company was 45 when he released his first successful car!
  • Charles Darwin – 50 years old when he published “On the Origin of the Species”
  • Ray Kroc – 53 years old when he started working with restaurant owners and 59 when he bought his first McDonalds!
  • Grandma Moses – 78 years old when she took up painting she was an artistic genius.
  • Harry Bernstein – 96 years old when he published his memoir called “The Invisible Wall: A love story that Broke Barriers”
  • Sam Walton – the man behind Wal-Mart founded the successful chain at 44 years old.
  • J.K. Rowling -36 years old when her first Harry Potter book was published.

Please, please, please let me know your plans and goals. I have everyone on this lol there’s no one around me with out a list of dreams and goals 😂

No matter how big or small they are, they are your dreams so make 2020 the year you made shit happen!!! 


Most of our factories are only just back up and running this week so stock will be slowly coming through girls, as I said above, I love this time as we get to catch our breath and have a sort out.

So its Sale time this weekend online


and the unit will be absolutely full up with clearance 💓 

Have a great week girls

xxxx Jane Hume xxxx




2 thoughts on “2020 Let’s Do This !”

  1. Fantastic blog to start the year and although I’ve started my diary and healthier choices ive still lots more to work on so your list was a good reminder to address other areas too. Thinking big is/was probably my main barrier but now I’m really believing dreams are possible to come true but you have to start with working on yourself first.

    Look forward to helping you do that too Jane, my appointments diary is waiting to write you in for some treatments so make sure you help yourself too 💕.

    Happy 2020 to you all at Jane’s Stall xxxxx😇

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