24/7 Togetherness Or Torture

Does moving into the derelict spider filled Wendy house suddenly seem appealing?????

Its all about distancing and not invading each others space.

Trust me 30 years of working together means, Im well qualified in how to not physically murder one another (even if you’re both plotting it mentally!)


 These are strange and testing times for the healthiest of relationships, let alone those that are used to only seeing one another weekends, or for a few hours a day at most!


Having to communicate, share your every movement with someone else 24/7,


I imagine, will be a very large wakeup call as to how much you actually have in common & like one another! ?

I think, the most important thing we must all keep reminding ourselves of, before we flip out, and react  revealing the murder plot-


This is NOT going to be FOREVER.

Life, relationships, family will  all return to normal.


Walk to a window, don’t jump  just open it take 10 deep breaths  basically take a – *********TIME OUT*********

This way you won’t say or do something you will live to regret once you have calmed down.

It’s not going to be easy though sort of like Christmas on steroids.

Many not knowing if they have a job to go back too.

Worrying how rents or mortgages, food and animals will be paid for. 

Thats without the minefield of paperwork, phone calls and claim forms.

I was talking to a friend that volunteers for a domestic abuse charity, about how hard it must be for those trapped in flats, with loads of kids, and no space to change their mind, let alone trying to teach maths and science!


Naively, imagining that those with a giant pad, umpteen bedrooms, bathrooms and grounds will be having a ball but she said,

“It doesn’t matter what you have  it only EVER really matters who you have.”

Some of the happiest people have very little and are quite contended with a simple live.

And some of the most miserable, discontented, lonely people have everything but………… love!

from Designer smiles to handbags, still miserable

……just look at all Bravo’s Real Housewives from New York , Atlanta, Orange County, Beverly Hills to New Jersey there’s only a handful that seem genuinely happy!

I cant stop thinking about the poor souls who’s loved one’s are taken into hospital and then without any communication, chance to comfort them or say goodbye are just gone.

Absolutely heart breaking.

Happy Vibes 

Positives Our pets are loving it, well Barns not quite sure what’s hit him, me and Matt walk him daily for 2hrs and then Rae and mum collect him ( well actually he runs across the road to mums ) and they then take him on a long walk! He’s knackered!

Taking it all in self isolating.

My mum and Rae are keep everyone amused on Jane’s Stall Facebook feed with their TikToking lol you can follow them on there @sunnieeraee

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Thankyou once again to all the NHS, Caregivers, Postworkers, Police, Army, Firefighters , Shopworkers and Key Workers for providing a service so that we can all stay safe. You are our hero’s 

Stay well girls

Missing you all lots

xxxx Jane Hume xxxx