Always happy to come home x

We had a truly lovely, relaxing holiday with great company but I must be slightly weird as I always get butterflies about going home, especially when I haven’t seen the girls for two weeks.

It wasn’t a lively place of a night so some nights, we were in bed by 9pm lol but it was so beautiful getting up between 5 & 6am ,walking along the beach and watching the sun rise.

The Dominican has a problem with Sargassum seaweed at the moment coming from the Sargassa sea.

All day everyday they have men clearing the beach.

At first I thought what a nightmare of a job but then, as Matt pointed out, Im sure there are a lot worse locations and they all seemed perfect happy singing their hearts out to Bob Marley !


We had some wicked thunder storms, rainbows and even a lightening bolt that actually hit our building!


I think I have a future Jane’s Stall model in my little niece Frankie and her little friend Evie❤️


Not so sure on these three though ??⬇️


So, no more lazy days in the sunshine, back to the grey skies and my view from the Unit in Strood, washing and a stomach bug that’s nearly turned me inside out!




This little suit retails at nearly £100!!! MADNESS I know!!! So our price – £30 is a lot, lot friendlier.

I love it because you can mix and match it about, put a roll neck and tights of a day and a large puff sleeve, sheer blouse or a silky cami of a night. It has a silver sparkle thread running through the fabric so its perfect for Christmas.

The jacket would be great with black jeans and a cream fluffy jumper or over a black dress with silver accessories.

Have a great week girls

Please leave me any comments below.

xxx J a n e  H u m e xxx