Are you feeling confident ????




Did you have it and now it’s gone????

Or has it grown as you’ve ripened????

Does it depend on the people around you?

 as to whether your feeling 

 Confident, relaxed and empowered?

Because no one wants to feel 

self-conscious, awkward and uncomfortable

 but let’s face it, we all have at some stage in our lives?!?!

Thankfully, when we are young 

we are totally oblivious as to whether we look cool, how sad it is that far too quickly, we become aware of just how important

that seems to become.

Yep, that’s our Rae and Reggie!


I think it sort of goes full circle, in lots of ways 

When you are little your

happy when you’re comfortable.

Then you go through this big chunk of life,

feeling insecure, longing to fit in

and feel accepted – part of the group,

so feeling comfortable goes bang out the door!!!

………If they are all wearing odd, luminous, itchy leg warmers, then so am I …… with pointy shoes – that make my feet look 5 times their size ?! Who cares if I literally, can’t dance to my favourite song because the pain is so bad I’m walking like the LIVING DEAD?!

I fit in, I’m not different

Sadly, where shoes are concerned, I have yet to move out of this phase lol. I have tried numerous times to convince others that I’m actually, not in any pain, I’m just totally in love with the colour/shape of a particular pair of heels to ever admit or care about the comfort. Who cares about tired, achy feet or suitability ?! Basically, I still have to have them!

 I can hear my teachers, mum and the girls at work saying, “Jane what the hell have you got on your feet today!”

 Donna says,” I like my feet firmly on the ground !”

Maxine ( no matter how hard I’ve bullied her over the years), has cleverly worked out the height she’s comfortable drinking wine in, whereas Jennie has twisted both ankles – is this the wine or the shoes? I’ve decided it’s both in her case, sorry Jen! 

Thankfully, as I have gotten older my clothes have gotten easier to wear and I have decided, actually, the only nice thing about getting older is the realisation that, what others feel is far less important than how I feel in an outfit.

There is nothing better than feeling confident with a little bit of badass kicking in, sprinkled with feistiness of course!

Whilst finally possessing this inner calm that you’re fully aware, impacts your business and your personal life.

That’s not to say my bedroom doesn’t still look like this most days lol!

Next week’s blog 

How to feel more confident

Have a great week girls

xxx Jane xx




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