Emma Bascombe


  How did they happen ? 1853 ‘Gold Rush’   A Bavarian immigrant named Levi Strauss  left Germany & brought the sturdy cotton fabric, denim along with him to San Francisco. One of his customers was a tailor called Jacob Davis. He was commissioned by a gold mining company to create trousers that could withstand the …

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Little Boobs

Little Boobs 11 YEARS OLD  At my nans house for her birthday and I had to sit like this the whole day as I had socks down my bra to pad it out lol, I think I should have worried more about the hair I had brushed straight! I was so desperate for a straight wedge …

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Big Boobs

Boobs, Bangers, Jubblies, Titties, Baps, The Twins, Melons, Coconuts, Iced Jems, Fried Eggs, Milk Monsters, Brad Pitts, Puppies, Snuggle Pups, Udders, Spaniel’s Ears, Mosquito Bites, Lills, The Girls, Buds, Funbags, Bazookas, Bristles, Knockers, Babylons, Bouncers, Shoulder Boulders, Hooters, Tits!!!! What ever you call them it seems those that have biguns want less and those with …

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So Whats New ?

Lol, my friend shared this on Facebook and I must admit to taking a deep breath in, relaxing my shoulders and smiling because I couldn’t have related more! There’s this huge chunk of the nation on the front line who are, most likely, insanely jealous of the luxury of just being at home Netflix box …

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