Balancing Act 

Balancing act 

This very much sums up my work- life balance at the mo, well if Im honest ever since having kids lol !

Raes 24 and Reggie’s nearly 20 and I have been lucky enough to have had my mum living over the road the whole time .

Lord knows how feral they might have turned out !

We have also been lucky enough to bring them along to work with us, they loved being at the markets and had traders they would go and visit for tea and biscuits, then bangers and mash, burgers followed by fresh cream cakes all before 11am no wonder they didn’t want my healthy packed lunch!

Taking them buying with us was always alot more stressful in the school holidays but they absolutely loved it.

Just the organisation and patience needed for the four hour round trip was exhausting enough, let alone trying to concentrate on negotiating prices with a child having a full blown tantrum, wrapped around your ankles because they want to crawl under the machinist legs, who invariably was on piece work so that was the last thing they needed lol

They would all make such a fuss of the girls though and would all tell me, how much they missed their babies and hated having to work.

One factory blamed me for all his girls leaving to have babies lol !

All the time they were happy and willing to come along you felt no guilt, it would only creep in on the days that they wanted to lay in their jammies watching films or they wanted someone to come and sleep over but we had work at 5 the next morning, thats not to say we didn’t take other kids along too!

Oh how Matt loved them days!

I think because I always carried this guilt of working to much I tended to over compensate by inviting the whole class around for sleepovers  (why they ever call them sleep overs is beyond me as no sod sleeps)

You turn from nice, fun mum

to scary loose your shit mum ,

she normally arrives around 2:30am!

Cut Yourself Some Slack Mums

No bodies perfect, the bills have to be paid and understanding that working hard and sharing the highs and lows with them will do nothing but stand them in good stead, preparing them for the joys of being a real grown up.

Im lucky, I love my work so much that 80% of the time it doesn’t feel like work, time just runs away but I genuinely, feel sad for the mums and dads out there that battle with the guilt daily of balancing work and home life.

I  hope🤞that one hour of quality time with our kids, time where we are fully engaged, listening and being in the moment,  out weighs being in the same house all day but all on games, phones and computers in separate rooms.

Mine actually tell me this all the time! Reggie takes my phone and hides it so I can’t work, slight role reversal going on there lol

We walk the dog and we cook together venting about the day.

Then we generally have a blazing row about wet towels being left on the landing floor, nobody ever cleaning the shower door except me and who’s stollen who’s phone charger !

This quote made me lol and reminded me of when Reg kept a bucket of tadpoles under her bed and they turned into frogs jumping around the bedroom , I moved the book off the top of the bucket a frog smacked me in the head I did pee my pants and I got my own back when she asked what was for dinner , “FROGS  LEGS!”

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Have a great week girls.

leave me any comments below

xxxxx J a n e  xxxxx


















6 thoughts on “Balancing Act ”

  1. Didn’t realise you had been doing markets for so long but the thing I love is that your girls where with you rather than being with child minders every day, they have grown with yous and your business even now xxx Happy Weekend xxx

    1. Thankyou Susie, it would be so much easier if every child came with a personal hand book with arrows pointing you in the right direction along the ride – if you take a left here they will end up on crime watch where as,if you do a right ,they will be happy ever after lol if only !!!! 😉 Thankyou for taking the time to comment xxxxxx

  2. You are so good at writing these blogs Jane. I think when you retire you should definitely write a book! It’s also good for mum’s to see how you have developed your fashion business along side raising your gorgeous girls & to never give up! XxXx

    1. Bless you Sophia , some weeks you feel you have so many balls juggling and not enough time for the people that matter the most ! I have been so lucky in love and I think , you can always keep juggling , when you know the family and friends around you pick up the balls you drop 😘

  3. Jane you are beautiful (bloody nutter) inside and out always have been on both counts. You are a credit to your famalam as they are to you. We can only do our best at all times xxx

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