*Birthday Week*

I can remember Rae actually asked me once,”Mummy, what did dinosaurs smell like?” to which I replied “Jesus child Im not that old!!! ”

Well, now I think I actually am 😁 !!!

Just watch me getting in and out of our car its proof enough lol

I now base my shoe choice daily by asking my feet how they will feel at 3:30 (pm not am) in these suckers and do I still carry top up lipgloss, mascara and a toothbrush in my clutch ?

Noooooo,  I carry paracetamol, spare contact lenses and a bag for life!

Has anyone else had a go at the – Old Age FaceApp 

If this doesn’t make you stay out the sun I don’t know what will 🤣

Me looking like Grandmother Willow


and Matt looking like the little old man in the Disney Up film🤣

I believe that if you feel good in your jeans and your happy with the people in your life then age is but a number and I just love these two quotes👇

but my favourite

Just remember when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed !

Charles Schultz

🧡 Addition To The Team🧡

Exciting news , we have a new addition to the team but not a new face !

Our Phebs 🧡

She is going to be working with us full time , its great because we can model daily OH NOOOOOO I hear you cry more stock to tempt you with lol .

Im offered stock constantly and having Phebs onboard means we can get the stock in modelled and online quicker .

I know you will love her she is as gorgeous inside as she out.🧡


This weeks fav 


SKIRT £10 SIZE 6 -16


BLOUSE £6.99 SIZE 6 – 16

AMAZING fabric and store price £39 for the skirt and £36 for the blouse !!!

We are selling the skirt for £10 and the blouse for £6.99 both in size 6 -16

Its a great little set that will be really versatile because you can mix and match both bits about in to the new season.

Have a great week girls

XXX Ja n e XXX

Please leave me any comments below 😘













6 thoughts on “*Birthday Week*”

  1. Happy 49th!! Same as me!! Lol Remember we had that chat on comfy big knickers!!! lol!! Well we need bit of comfort in our lives!! cant be doing with those cheese strings/ dental floss!! You look Amazing!! Have a wonderful Birthday and I think we can still give the youngsters a run for their money you know if we really put our minds to it!! lol!! xxx

    1. Lol we do have such great conversations🤣 Your dead right I can still out dance mine !
      Thankyou Heather for your message , see you soon xxxxxxx

  2. Happy birthday beautiful lady
    Your all lovely ladies down there your team are a credit to you
    I just brought the paisley blouse & I love it
    Keep getting your stock in, its my birthday on the 1st Aug (not saying how old I am) but the way I look at it is I’m lucky some don’t make older bones
    Have a great week all 💕😘🥂🍾

    1. Thankyou Tracy, so very true my dad was only 52 when he passed away and he had so many things left that he wanted to do, your so right, we are the lucky ones 🤗 and we should enjoy the simple things. Thankyou for your message , see you soon xxxxx

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