*Birthday Week*

I can remember Rae actually asked me once,”Mummy, what did dinosaurs smell like?” to which I replied “Jesus child Im not that old!!! ”

Well, now I think I actually am ? !!!

Just watch me getting in and out of our car its proof enough lol

I now base my shoe choice daily by asking my feet how they will feel at 3:30 (pm not am) in these suckers and do I still carry top up lipgloss, mascara and a toothbrush in my clutch ?

Noooooo,  I carry paracetamol, spare contact lenses and a bag for life!

Has anyone else had a go at the – Old Age FaceApp 

If this doesn’t make you stay out the sun I don’t know what will ?

Me looking like Grandmother Willow


and Matt looking like the little old man in the Disney Up film?

I believe that if you feel good in your jeans and your happy with the people in your life then age is but a number and I just love these two quotes?

but my favourite

Just remember when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed !

Charles Schultz

? Addition To The Team?

Exciting news , we have a new addition to the team but not a new face !

Our Phebs ?

She is going to be working with us full time , its great because we can model daily OH NOOOOOO I hear you cry more stock to tempt you with lol .

Im offered stock constantly and having Phebs onboard means we can get the stock in modelled and online quicker .

I know you will love her she is as gorgeous inside as she out.?


This weeks fav 


SKIRT £10 SIZE 6 -16


BLOUSE £6.99 SIZE 6 – 16

AMAZING fabric and store price £39 for the skirt and £36 for the blouse !!!

We are selling the skirt for £10 and the blouse for £6.99 both in size 6 -16

Its a great little set that will be really versatile because you can mix and match both bits about in to the new season.

Have a great week girls

XXX Ja n e XXX

Please leave me any comments below ?