By Emma Bascombe

  How did they happen ? 1853 ‘Gold Rush’ A Bavarian immigrant named Levi Strauss  left Germany & brought the sturdy cotton fabric, denim along with …

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Seesaw Of Emotions

By Emma Bascombe

Seesaw of Emotions  I can remember this photo because it was all giggles and fun and then 2 seconds after Reg slipped and split her …

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Little Boobs

By Emma Bascombe

Little Boobs 11 YEARS OLD  At my nans house for her birthday and I had to sit like this the whole day as I had socks …

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Big Boobs

By Emma Bascombe

Boobs, Bangers, Jubblies, Titties, Baps, The Twins, Melons, Coconuts, Iced Jems, Fried Eggs, Milk Monsters, Brad Pitts, Puppies, Snuggle Pups, Udders, Spaniel’s Ears, Mosquito Bites, …

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So Whats New ?

By Emma Bascombe

Lol, my friend shared this on Facebook and I must admit to taking a deep breath in, relaxing my shoulders and smiling because I couldn’t …

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24/7 Togetherness Or Torture

By Emma Bascombe

Does moving into the derelict spider filled Wendy house suddenly seem appealing????? Its all about distancing and not invading each others space. Trust me 30 …

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Week One Of Isolation!

By Emma Bascombe

PART OF A MOVIE Does anyone else feel like they are a part of the next big Netflix boxset?  At first it was a horror movie …

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Spanner In The Works

By Emma Bascombe

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like a giant, rusty, old spanner is waiting in the wings, ready to launch itself into your show, just for the …

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Memories Become The Milestones

By Emma Bascombe

As our gorgeous Phebs jetted off to Vegas to celebrate her 21st and Max has the big 5-O approaching fast (18th March) it got me …

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Sewing The Seeds

By Emma Bascombe

SEWING WORKSHOP    So this week we had our first sewing workshop in the unit. It’s something I have wanted to get going for a …

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