When will I ever learn !

By Jane Hume

Will I ever learn !?! Arranging a 🎃 Halloween 👻  party 🥳 to raise funds for Rochester United football club, two days before going on holiday, …

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*I have taken the door off the van*

By Jane Hume

ME AND VANS HAVE CLASHED AND CRASHED  WE HAVE A LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP  I had no choice right from when I first passed my test, …

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*Jane in the box*

By Jane Hume

After fainting with excitement and making friends with all the ladies in the office of our new suppliers I, with a little bit of help …

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*The Singing Recovery Man*

By Jane Hume

Oh the excitement, I couldn’t even wait to get out of the carpark before getting my head in the box and have a real good …

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*I like starting fires*

By Jane Hume

We needed to find suppliers of stock as buying from Wendy, the market trader, was in no way ideal. Firstly, understandably, she didn’t want us …

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*Dad what should I do ?*

By Jane Hume

My dad loved a list he would always say sit down and list the pros and cons. And then generally, like most men, procrastinate for …

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*Do I stay or do I go ?*

By Jane Hume

I loved working in Central London. Covent Garden was just such a mixing pot of nationalities, cultures, religions and generally interesting, funky, fascinating, strange characters. …

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*Brown noser Jane*

By Jane Hume

So, I thought I knew the direction my future was going in but that quickly went out the window, the moment I started to imagine …

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*A new direction for Matt*

By Jane Hume

At seventeen, Matt was working for his dad selling kitchens and I was working up in London doing a YTS in graphic design, I absolutely …

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*Yesteryear Happy Memories*

By Jane Hume

 What a difference a few decades makes when your buying and selling. When we started out over three decades ago, before the markets, we tried …

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