*Buying Dead Stock *

No matter how many years I’ve been selling clothes, I genuinely get a buzz every time I’m offered stock, most days between 30 to 40 garments bombard me!

People always ask how we choose stock .

Its really simple……… basically by arguing from the moment we arrive in the factories, to the moment we leave lol!

Matts Mr safe, in fact, up buying he’s known as the man from Del Monte because 9 times out of 10 he says,NO!”


Where as I always say YES, YES, YES!”

Matt would strongly dispute this, stating this most definitely only applies to when Im at work!?

When we first started buying, we had zero money and I mean zero money.


So, we would spend like hours trying to work out if it was safe because we just seriously couldn’t afford to make a mistake, that doesn’t of course mean we didn’t!

Over the years I have convinced Matt to buy some real dodgy bum lines along the way lol

Live and learns my moto ?

We were so young, some suppliers took us under their wing and guided us whilst others totally took advantage of our naivety, telling us the bum lines were selling fast, giving us horrendous sizes, even totally different stock to what we ordered!

I remember once being at Basildon market and this man came onto the stall with these amazing samples at ridiculous prices, we used to double up so Matt had set me up at like the crack of dawn – literally and then gone off to work Petticoat Lane.

I told him on his return that Ive got this great new contact that we MUST  go and see – after packing away two stalls, he wasn’t no where near as excited as me about the prospect in fact, he was HULK angry!

It gets worse, being dyslexic, before sat navs and siri, giving directions never seemed to work well for me, especially to a tired grumpy boyfriend!

We got sooooo lost, I was just relieved the van didn’t have an eject button!

Matt had to wait outside on double yellows as the Luton wouldn’t fit under the barriers of this dodgy block of flats.

OMG, the samples he had shown me were the only decent bits of stock he had everything was size 6!

Then he starts to tell me about his wife dying and not knowing what to do with her clothes, some of which she had never worn.

I felt so sorry for him I only ended up buying a rails worth of some dead ladies clothes !!!!!

He helped me load it into the back of the van.

Matts face was a picture lol he was as angry then as when someone takes his phone charger now! ?

We had such a laugh about it with the other traders, one of which had brought all her jewellery to sell on his stall and then a few weeks later a lady asked where he had got it, he explained it was from a bloke who’s wife had passed and low and behold she was the so called recently deceased wife !!!!!

He had actually run off with a younger women and sold us all this sob story ?

Straight off Only Fools And Horses for sure, so funny


Starts this Saturday 3rd of August for one week only!

I love a sale, Im the sale queen but it has to be a genuine SALE, it really bugs me when stores bring stock in with an inflated price to try and con us into believing its  genuinely 70% off.

We try to move stock fast from week to week, in and out.

keeping the mark up low through out the year.

Buying 5 days a week we have to move the stock fast or we would run out of space and no one wants to see the same stock week in week out.

We have one Summer SALE and one Winter SALE

So when we put something in the SALE, I promise you its a real SALE!

Make sure to come down and visit us ?


Khaki Dress with white stitching  £6.99

Comes up small so we recommend going up a size.

From size 4- 20, its a nice fabric great for work or casual with flip-flops?

Have a great week girls, send me any comments below.

xxxxx J a n e xxxxx