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Christmas gets earlier every year

My mum was quite strict about when we were allowed to start on Christmas.


No Christmas films or music until December and decorations up no earlier than two weeks before.

God help you if you asked to eat anything out the Christmas food cupboard!

It was only a few satsumas, nuts, dates and the Quality Streets now they were only for show until Christmas Eve lol.

She made it totally magical though, not because of presents or money spent but the effort she always put into making it special and it was always for everyone else’s enjoyment.

As kids, the lead up to Christmas was as exciting as Christmas Day, even the Christmas clean through before the decorations went up all added to part of the traditions.

We had the best dad, he truly was great at being social and so much fun to be around but my mum,  to me, she was the one that made it all like a Doris Day film for us kids.


She moaned a lot about always having to be the – get on and doer, the decorater, the present shopper/maker, cooker of all things amazing and on such a tiny budget but my dad wasn’t really allowed to help even if he wanted too lol ……….and for good reason I’m afraid!

He always had the best intentions but was a bit of a Norman Wisdom crossed with Frank Spencer!  He had the knack of making you wish he was up the rugby club rather than helping ( obviously not so stupid?)

Once, in the middle of the mass clean before all the family arrived, he decided it would be a good idea to clean up the chimney with the Hoover!

He then proceeded to somehow blow all the soot, not only over my traumatised mum but the entire downstairs of the house,  covering the Christmas tree, the curtains,  settee, carpets, walls and ceilings with a film of black soot!


My poor, poor mum she always put in so much effort, thought and love.

Another year he thought he would help by watering the real Christmas tree by leaving the garden hose running in the bucket in the front room He ended up drowning all the presents under the tree, soaking all the hand knitted jumpers my mum had spent hours making.

All the colours ran out the wrapping paper staining all the jumpers!

How did she not strangle him with the fairy lights ?lol?!?!

Thankfully they loved each other so much that no matter how much trauma he seemed to cause it was always forgotten on Christmas Day.

So, I have no choice but to blame my parents, it’s their fault I love Christmas so much!

I would quite happily start it in September and I personally think, I do well holding out thinking about it, until firework night is out of  the way!

I know it’s early to be C bombing but so many of you have been on my case about early Christmas work do outfits.

It’s hard for us as a lot of the surplus is released right on top of Christmas but I’ve managed to get my name on a few lines nice and early, so you shall go to the ball dressed like a princess and for at least half the price ??❤️

The Organza blouse it’s got to be on your Christmas hit list girls ?

Its a statement blouse that can be styled to suit everyone.

Heres a few that are in the stores now


Here’s our first Puff Sleeve Blouse through ?


its just £8.99 and the original store price was £45 !! We only have size 4,6,8,10,12

?click link to buy ?

Navy with Black Lined Front and Sheer Puff Sleeve 

Don’t panic I have everything crossed that more styles will have surplus for us ??

This weeks Fav 

??????click link to buy ??????

Has to be this Black velvet Suit just £20 £20 £20 size 8 – 20

Its just perfect to mix and match about over the Christmas party period.

The Jacket is edge to edge, loose and smart casual making it great with a pair of jeans or layered over a fitted dress and the trousers are comfy on a straight band , crop leg suits any shoes flats,heals, boots even slippers after dinner !

So I promise no Christmas songs in the unit yet but it’s definitely not creeping up it’s long jumping it’s way up from behind so watch out ??!!!

Have a great week

please leave your comments below

xxxx J a n e  H u m e xxx