Did Jane Just Drink Shrek’s Sneeze ?!?

O Lordie Lordie!!!!!!!

I lie not, its truly the best way to energise your knackered January Bods!


Just hold your nose and swallow (said the bishop to the actress??)

I have drunk a pint of veg juice EVERY DAY FOR 10 YEARS!!!!!!

 Literally, the only time I have ever missed is when we go on holiday and thats only because I can’t take my juicer with me!

Ok so rewind a decade………….

40 years old Barndance for my birthday.

We Do-si-d0’d and Yee-ha’d into the early hours

Then  strange things started to happen, I struggled to keep my eyes open, I couldn’t put my words together and I was struggling to get air in so I had to keep taking deep breaths.

One night I collapsed and then I just couldn’t get up not even to go to the toilet!

Long story short, eventually after scaring not only myself but everyone close to me shitless, I was diagnosed with M.E

I couldn’t walk, talk, eat or sleep in fact I felt so ill I didn’t want to be here anymore?

How could I have gone from getting up at 4am running between 5 & 7 miles everyday – 14 miles every other Sunday (generally before the rest of the family had even got up lol)  Working the markets – which were full on long days + two kids and all the other mad stuff I seemed to have the energy for on just 5 hours sleep to this lifeless 7 stone Zombie????!!!


I thankfully went to an amazing clinic in London ( link below)

The Optimum Health Clinic 

I cannot stress enough how they truly saved my life, they gradually put me back together and explained how I had been running on adrenaline which had burnt my adrenals out.

The journey to recovery was a long one, Im not going to lie but other poor souls are trapped like this for years.

Sadly, in my opinion, the NHS just does not have the funding needed to treat each person as an individual.

Im so thankful to of had such an amazing support system around me to whom, I will be forever in debt. The best friends that took care of the washing, took the kids to school, cooked and cleaned for us.

Sickness and in health

If ever there was a time our wedding vows were put to the test it was then. Matt carried me to the toilet, washed me and cared for me whilst working and worrying about the business.

His love made we well, it definitely wasn’t his cooking or hair styling skills!

I don’t want to simplify M.E. but a huge part of me getting upright again was the  clinic highlighting the foods my body was reacting to, which for a few years seemed like everything and anything bloody nice.

Truthfully, if it looked like a hamster could eat it I might be able to eat it!

Wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar all out of my life and to be fair, I so wanted to feel human again, I would have eaten dog poo if they had said it would work!

Thankfully it never came to that ??  the vegetable juice was nearly as scary though but it was one of the only things my stomach could tolerate.

I could almost feel it working, when you have no energy and I mean no energy like it was an effort to open my mouth, let alone talk, you become hyper alert and super aware of what really works and this juice gave me back all the essential nutrients and it definitely increased my energy.

Soooooo now you know why Im so super passionate about juicing and why I haven’t missed a day, well now thats a slight lie as I had never ever missed except holidays but where I was bogged down with work before Christmas I actually didn’t juice for a week and I went and got the

‘cross your legs cough’

So, thats another reason to juice its sooooo good for your immune system, I rarely get what ever is going around.

Oh and there’s yet another bonus, Im always orange from the carrots, its like having a permanent fake tan without taking my clothes off!

SOOOOOOOOOO Now Lets Talk Juice 

As I said above I drink a pint a day so just follow the list below but normally I double this to make up two pints just to save me time, I either force it down Matt or the girls necks or I fill another pint glass right to the top and store in the fridge, but you must drink it the following day-(important to not have a gap at the top of the glass when storing it and cover with tin foil, so not exposed to the light)

You do not need a fancy juicer they can run into hundreds of ££££££££

I use a Philips Juicer costing about £70, Im on my 2nd juicer which is not bad considering they have been used daily over the 10 years.

I have found the simpler the better as the more bits you have the more you have to wash. This one is sturdy and powerful enough to cope with anything I have shoved its way.

Do not get confused with a blender they are for making smoothies!

To start with to make 1 pint

  • 5 sticks of celery
  • half a fennel bulb
  • half a cucumber (not peeled)
  • 2 carrots (not peeled)
  • 1 apple ( not peeled)
  • about a finger size piece of ginger (no need to peel it )

Then once your stomach has got used to this you can start to add these in over time.

  • Handful of spinach leaves
  • handful of kale
  • bulb of Bok Choy
  • bulb of Raw beetroot ( not peeled or cooked)

So now you’re faced with a pint of something swamp like you have to……

either 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 . it basically hold your nose and knock it back or stick in a straw and pace your gags.

Whaever jusstarand hurry up and get this rainbow magic juicdown your neck!!

This is my fridge, above its so funny peoples reactions whenever they open it, generally they say,

“Oh you poor thing!”

” Now thats just mean”


“Cruelty to children” ( Reggie, my daughter actually meant it too!)

The Tesco delivery men always ask if Im having a party??? Not quite sure what sort of parties they go to lol? The picture below is of my brother-in -laws fridge

It was on New Years Eve so I will let him off ?


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Have a great weeks girls

Please leave your comments and just message me if your needing any help juicing?