Did we enjoy it more when we had to wait ?

It pops in front of us, sews that all important seed and then…… that’s it we want it, we need it, we have to have it !

The beauty of today (or not ?) is there’s hardly any delay in it being a mere thought to it being in front of us within ONE CLICK , even SAME DAY delivery ?.

How very annoying that we have to get up and answer the door to the delivery person lol ?

I now find myself being annoyed that my Tesco man/lady can’t just put it all away for me and while their at it – empty my fridge and cupboards of the empty packets and boxes, my equally lazy family, can’t be bothered to put in the bin.

The ultimate delivery service would make notes of what I’m running low on for next week, that way when I’m food shopping online, watching Netflix, I wouldn’t actually have to move at all ? 

How did we/I ever get so bloody lazy and impatient!

We had to wait for everything! ⏱⏱⏱⏱

Grange Hill one episode a week!!!  


You either aimed for a Trisha Yates Flick or a Cathy Hargreaves wedge, oh how I longed for that heavy, straight wedge!

Below, this is me and Maxine sat on top playground with a pair of binoculars, looking at the boys in Temple school, which was right next door to our school.

Now if thats not a recipe for disaster ? I don’t know what is! 

The other photo is at my 12th birthday party

The one that I have my hand on her head thats Lorraine my other best friend.

How could I have got so lucky, to have had not one but two best friends nearly all my life, sharing everything just always there for one another.

Through all the highs and lows, laughter and tears, bad hair cuts fashion and boys I can truly say I love them so much it hurts to think of one of them not being there.

Instead I sadly ended up with this look lol?


My Nan was always at my house after school and I would beg my mum to keep her in the kitchen so she wouldn’t talk all the way through that much awaited episode of Grange Hill.

We didn’t even have a video recorder, so brothers and nans were most definitely banished to the kitchen!

I would sit as close as humanly possible to the TV, drowning out the discussions on what a bad influence this program was on the youth of today, corrupting our brains no less! 

Same when Top of the pops came on,I can hear my two nans now ,”That Boy George fella what’s that all about he will, most definitely turn all the boys gay and confuse them!” Lol ? 


You would have already tape recorded the Top 40 every Sunday afternoon swearing at the presenters who deliberately seemed to talk all over the beginning and end of your favourite songs making you go out to Woolworths to buy your very own 7” or 12”

Then you would eagerly wait to watch your favourites mime on Top of the pops. 

One of your group would buy Smash Hits magazine so again you could all copy down the words of your favourite songs.


When I was really young it was the Nolan Sisters, I went to watch them in the Central Hall Chatham.

As exciting as that night was, I had what looked like a major accident in my cream flared trouser suit, ?to save money my mum had given me and my friend chocolates to take in – in a paper bag which I sat on!

So as much as I was ‘in the mood for dancing’ I had to sit down or look like I had pooey pants ?? all night! 


I can remember waiting for this album to come out for what seemed like a lifetime, I wouldn’t even let my friends touch the cover.

You would wait to see them being interviewed on TV or in a magazine like Just Seventeen or Jackie just to see what they were wearing.

Nothing was as instant as it is today 

Even our parents had to wait to grow into these hairstyles and shoulder pads!


Just one episode at a time, absolutely no binge watching ?

How did we ever cope and that’s without remembering how long we waited for 24 or 36 photos to come back lol 


Why the excitement when generally you were lucky if you managed to get half the film back with your eyes open and your head not cut off lol

Everything was slower but was it that waiting that made us value and appreciate everything a little bit more?

Does the speed make us greedier?

The buzz of buying, that instant gratification its addictive 

could we go back to everything taking a week or two, would we want to? 

If I’m honest I don’t think I could personally & I know our business couldn’t.

Unless the internet totally blew up, along with all the service providers world wide, then, maybe we could go back to just a shop presence on the high street or a travelling market stall.

I think my generation are the lucky ones we know what life was like before mobile phones.

I do worry what little eyes see and therefore can’t unsee but more I worry that we are loosing the art of face to face conversation, pleasantries, chitchat and it’s way to easy to be critical, jealous & nosey on social media.

Flitting in and out of people’s make believe fancy lives, seeing not only what they choose but equally, for lots, we get to see what they will regret posting in years to come.

I suppose it all boils down to moderation and finding a healthy balance of what’s real and happening around us today and what’s not real and fluffy crap.

My conclusion

I think we did enjoy things more having to wait for them and thankfully somethings we just can’t speed up even if we want to0…

babies will come when their ready, holidays booked, Christmas Day will always be on 25th December and then there’s Brexit! 

What do you all think , let me know ? 

What have we been up to this week?

We have taken Barney on some wicked bike rides in the New Forest ? with my daughter Reggie and her boyfriend Dan.

But because he just keeps going, I worry his little legs will wear out, so we put him in a little tow along trailer.

His tail was wagging but I’m not entirely convinced he liked it as at times, on the steep hills, his bum hung out the back and dragged along the floor?


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Have a great week girls 

please leave me any comments below 

xxxx J a n e  H u m e xxx