Dogs Vacay

So last week we set off to Sandy Balls in the Newforest, ready to celebrate Matts 50th with some nearest and dearest.

Well and truly loaded up, bikes, walking boots, wellingtons, outer layers inner layers, important layers and ‘do you really need that?’ layers.

Last to go in the dogs bed and bowls.

Right up until this point, Barn follows us from room to room tail down, sad desperately working the woe is me, destitute dog look.

He has this look TOTALLY mastered, to the point that even if we were flying first class to the Maldives, I would gladly give him my ticket lol.

As soon as his beds in, he knows alls good and he’s a coming with us so tail wags and its pooch parrrrrty time ?

Now, under normal circumstances he likes to vacay with a few other pooches but the day before we were all due to go away, poor Max had to take Aggie, her 14 year old Westie to the vets.

Recently, Max has noticed a few changes in her energy, hearing and appetite which she hoped might have been her age but she took a turn for the worse and was really poorly.

Sadly, the vet decided the blockage was inoperable so after 14 years of lovely memories the ‘ little tummy toaster’ had to go to sleep. She was a cranky little character, she would sit on Matts shoulder like a parrot when we visited lol.

Aggie loved all her creature comforts and padded about home just like a freshly talcumed princess in her castle.

Right up until  she saw fox’s poo or you tried to walk past the other side of the fence and god help you if you tried to steal her spot in front of the wood burner, in fact good luck trying to find any space in front of Aggie’s nose, belly and the woodburner glass lol


She will be greatly missed and I know my bestie Max and her family are truly heartbroken.?

 Happy memories of years gone by

Barney, had to play with Boss


Just about the gentlest giant of a soppy dog ever invented.

Barney had little dog syndrome though and kept trying to stamp his authority as far up Boss’s neck as he could reach. But, no matter how many times he tried to bait him, he couldn’t make him angry he would just run off and hide behind someones legs, bless him – thats Boss that was running not Barney!

This photo, my friend Sarah caught on a timer, made us all fall about laughing as Boss just photo bombed on the crucial click!

I love everyone’s reaction caught in the background❤️

We had a great time, lots of belly laughs & banter, body surfing, ditch jumping and Dan,Reggie’s boyfriend even managed 6pints and one mouthful his most amount of lager EVER! (He did have to sleep in the bath with a black sack sick bag and pillow!)

The woods have tiny little batches of Snowdrops blooming so the spring is pushing its way through yippee 

A bit tooooooo cold for a paddle yet

Rubbish says Barney


Donna has been off to Auschwitz so Phebs, Jennie, Sarah and Ruby have thankfully held the fort ?

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Have a great week girls❤️

Lots of Love

xxxx  J a n e  H u m e  xxxxx