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* Hey Month Of May *

*B a n k*  *H o l i d a y*  *M o n d a y*

Who cares if it rains , we get to stay up late on a Sunday !

This has been the first week, its been light enough to model outside, as Phebs works in London , we miss the light but it felt and even smelt like Summer so Rae managed to catch a few photos , before loosing the light.

Perfect Bank Holiday Monday Outfit , well it would have been had the jackets come in in time lol , they will be in next week GRRRR !!!!!!

I’m so in love with them , they have matching tapered crop trousers .

Seersucker fabric , fully lined jackets that will not only be in this baby pink but a mint green stripe and a navy stripe too .

Lord help us , we need every colour !!!!

They are gorgeous trust me , made for Benetton , you can mix and match , wear to work , a wedding or casual with jeans .

Just bow down to me when you see me, I know I am the greatest hahaha!

£20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20  T H E  S U I T !!!!!

Sorry , they are not in for the Bank Holiday you will just have to wear your Pac-A- Mac out on Monday instead !!!!!

The jeans are in though , yippee –  £6.99 Size 4-20 Super Stretch High Waisted Skinny , perfect colour .

We , I imagine , will be working on the unit this Bank Holiday , sanding down the floors and we are still chiseling pigeon crap off the beams but its getting there.

For years we used to work all the bank holiday markets , the kids actually loved it as we would travel down the night before to Langley Eastbourne. All the traders would spoil them rotten , we would come home with loads of toys and lord knows what else all squashed in the front of the van lol

What ever you’re doing I hope its what you’d choose to be doing its rotten working when everyone else is playing .

Have a great week .

xxxx Jane xxxxx