Holiday Blues :0(

Home from holiday and had a manic two weeks in my favourite place , Florida .

Only thing missing was my grown up kids lol !

I spent a lot of time tearing up , wishing they were with us , remembering holidays from years gone past.


We just had to make the best of it without them !


When will Matt learn ? Too much drink means he wakes up with a sore head , painted sparkly toe nails , a full face of makeup and my bikini bottoms on his head !

The lovely thing for us now is that while we are away the team keep everything running .

In the past , when we just had the stall , we had to shut shop as it was too much of a drama expecting anyone else to set up that huge frame. Best of all , I can still buy stock as my factories send me pictures of lines available .

So really , technically , Im not missed or needed at all !

I’m looking forward to buying on Monday though as a lot can happen in two weeks away .

I took all the above Kimonos away with me , they are great to shove in a beach bag because they are so light weight , they do not crease and they hide all the white wobbly bits !!! I wore them long at the front and back over swimsuits and sideways (last picture ) with a cami and denim shorts in the evening .

You can click on the links below

White £6.99

Black £6.99

Blue £6.99

The Blue Lace one has a separate white underslip which is really handy as I used it under another dress , it felt great on with just a flipflop , at £10 its a great little dress .

Palm Tree Print £7.99

I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of them on , I can hear Rae now saying, “See dad, that’s another reason why I should still come on every holiday with you, I can photograph the stock for you in use and be earning you money !”

For all you lucky girls that still have your holiday’s to look forward to , nows the time to start getting beach ready – Easter is out the way so no excuse to be ramming chocolate down your neck !

This year I didn’t feel beach ready at all , I just didn’t seem to have time to fit my exercise in and started way to late , about two weeks before going away in fact lol but as always , once I started , I could have kicked myself because really I did have time , I was just making excuses !

We can all fit in 30 mins , I know how much time I waste daily (sadly )on Instagram and facebook let alone Netflix box sets lol just get on it now !

I promise you will all thank me for the kick up the wobbly bum , go for a swim just getting in your swimsuit will be enough exercise for one day ! Power walk the dog or start Yoga just start something. It will be here before you know it !

If you haven’t got a holiday booked then lets keep everything crossed its another glorious summer just like we had last year .

Never put off for tomorrow,

what you can do today – Thomas Jefferson

(just 30mins a day you can do it )

Have a great week girls

X x J a n e x X

Thankyou for all your comments , I love reading them xxxx