How To Shorten A Skirt

I have, before now , decided to cut the bottom off my skirt with just 10 mins spare before my taxi was due to beep beep !

My mum is an amazing dress maker and would strongly advice against this reckless behaviour lol especially if you………..

  •  really like the skirt
  •  it cost a lot of money
  •  only have 10mins

Truthfully though ……

All you will need is

Note : You will only need the chalk if its a dark fabric and your pen is not showing up , you could just use your pins but I find it’s harder to cut when it’s pinned .

A needle and cotton (to match as best you can with the skirt colour) in case your going to hem.

I sound like I know what Im doing lol !

     May be get some plasters if your left handed ;o)

       Extra cash for a new skirt if it all goes Pete Tong

      and a one way ticket out of here if its your friends skirt !

Now , either measure a skirt that you already know you like the length of , from waist to hem or put the skirt on that you want to shorten and ask someone to pin it roughly where you want it to end up .

I think its best to stand on a chair in front of a long mirror, rather than attempting to gauge the length by balancing precariously on the up stairs banister.

Especially after a particularly nasty premenstrual week!

My daughter came out of her bedroom and thought I was about to launch myself down the stairs instead of realising I was straining to see the bottom in our landing mirror !

Thankfully she didn’t give me a gentle nudge over the edge , tempting as it might have been ,after all she could easily have blamed the exceedingly long skirt lol!

:o) :o) ;0) 

Its best to try on with the shoes you are planning on wearing with the said skirt,  this is the reason why I had decided to cut my skirt last minute . I had intended on wearing a wedge but it had started to rain so I needed to wear my trainers but this meant my skirt was now dragging on the floor !

Once roughly pinned and sure of your new length, take off the skirt and lay it on a table . Some fabrics do not need hemming as they won’t fray .

Generally though , if it originally had a hem you will need too re-hem.


  • measure from where you have placed your pin to the hem (we cut 8inches off of Donna’s skirt and we decided not to hem.
  • carefully put a dot with your pen or chalk where your pin is placed.
  • repeat this all the way around the skirt , measuring from the bottom up (in our case 8inches) placing another dot and so on until you have gone all the way around the skirt  , the closer your dots are the easier it is to cut a straight line dot to dot , time spent dotting definitely helps you stay straight  when cutting .
  • to be extra safe , before cutting , you could measure from the top of the skirt -( the waistband) down to the dots all the way around, checking the distance is the same .
  • make sure your scissors are sharp

the fabric of the skirt Donna is wearing is crinkly so its best if you get someone to pull it tight as you cut along your dots .

B e f o r e       A n d        A f t e r 

Donna was convinced she couldn’t wear a midi skirt because she is only 5’1″ but its all about getting everything in proportion .

If you wear a long skirt and a long top you obviously make your legs look even shorter . I suggest wearing a crop top SHOCK HORRER !!!

Well , what I suggest is to wear a black body or long fitted vest top tucked in with a shorter top over it , that just covers the elastic on the waist , so that as you move nothing drops out lol PHEW, relief , you can breath out!

By adding a shaped crop faux leather jacket it gives Donna a great silhouette.

You could swop the leather for a crop denim Jacket , white t-shirt and white trainers. 

link for skirt = Peachy Pink Maxi Skirt £6.99 size 8-22



This is still easy but you need a little practice before letting loose on your new skirt. So grab some old scraps of fabric or an old tea-towel even and practise whilst watching Love Island or Netflix .

I promise it will save you lots of money , its really simple and actually quiet therapeutic well thats if your not about to jump in a taxi lol

  • Add an inch to the length to allow for your hem
  • So in our case we would measure 7inches from the hem up and that’s where we would put our dots .
  • If you are hand sewing the hem click below on the blue link to learn catch stitch on You Tube with Dawn Anderson (I watched about 10 others and I liked Dawn best . Its really easy and I fly round a hem a lot quicker than if I have to drag my sewing machine out from the loft .
  • Im a lefty too so there’s no excuse .
  •  catch stitch
  • Or you could wonder web your hem up . I actually get in a right mess with this stuff but loads of customers swear by it.
  •  Most commonly used option is to fly around your mums or nans and ask her to machine your hem up !

I say all the time to the young girls that come into the unit , if you can learn how to drive a car you can hem a skirt !

I hope some of you give it a go , without any dramas and loss of limbs.

My mum is going to crack up at me writing a blog on shortening a skirt !

T h i s  W e e k s

  F a v 

Snake Print Tapered Leg Store Trousers £6.99 size 8-20 elastic waist


Have a great week girls

Leave me any comments below

xxxx J a n e xxxx

F o r e v e r  T o g e t h e r


10 thoughts on “How To Shorten A Skirt”

  1. Thanks for this fab diy blog on transforming a skirt to suit your body…. for me, because I am tall & have back of the leg vein issues I often wonder about adding to the length such as stitching lace to the hem…… think it’s just a case of being brave & to be honest your clothes are so affordable there’s nothing to loose & could offer even more options with your vast collection of outfits ✂️. In the past I have cut a few peticoats to fit under shorter dresses & kept the material or lace from hem which I then use as ribbon for sandals & belts xxx

    1. Great idea, my mum is 5’11” and has always struggled with getting clothes long enough. I think thats why she is so good at dress making, she gets so fed up with everything swinging in the wrong place. She gave up, it was easier to make it than traipsing around town hunting high and low for a long leg trouser!
      At least, thankfully a lot of stores now are offering a tall collection and its easier to find bits online ASOS do a tall range. Thankyou for taking the time to comment Sophia xxxxxxx

  2. Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to understand so
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  3. Wow! You pulled out a great job there!

    I also thought of trying my hands on shortening my old skirts for my niece to wear, but poor me!

    Firstly, I never managed to cut the skirt in a straight line. Then hemming is another nightmare!

    My heartiest thanks to the online laundry service providers who make my life easier! Am a resident of Dublin and Best Launder is my favourite laundry centre. I simply opt for their alteration services and they properly shorten it as per my instructions. They even iron the clothes and make it appear as new.

    It’s so much cost-effective! I love the way we can get an entirely new look without spending bucks on new outfits.

    1. That sounds great Sophia and so long as its value for money thats a lot better option than a wonky hemline lol!!! Shame your not local as my mum is going to do a few workshops.
      Take care x Jane x

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