*Jane in the box*

After fainting with excitement and making friends with all the ladies in the office of our new suppliers I, with a little bit of help from Matt, nearly managed to get us bared for life!

There was one lady, Jean who was a no nonsense, don’t smile, don’t small talk, in fact don’t even look in my direction kinda lady.

So far, we had been lucky with the mixed parcels but we chatted to another trader outside, who was about to go in and complain about his last parcel because it was terrible.

We just didn’t have the money to risk a bad box, unlike now a days, we didn’t have the means to clear a line that wasn’t selling.

Now we have online, the unit and failing that the market but at this time every garment mattered as we had NO regular customers because people could only buy if they came to a party.

The parcels seemed to be getting bigger so, obviously the risks were higher.

On this particular day, there was a large delivery, so there was nobody about.

One of the large boxes hadn’t been sealed. I convinced Matt to let me get on his shoulders so that I could have a peek inside.

I stood on his shoulders and leaned into the box.

Then, all of a sudden ,we could hear voices Matt said, “Quick, get down!” but I kicked my legs up and flicked myself into the box!

I can remember as clear as day Matt saying,“Holy Shit!”

The voices got closer, they stood right next to the box reading the paper work as if they might actually buy it!

If that last trader was moaning about the contents of his box, imagine what these traders would do if, when they got home, they found me in their parcel!

When after what seemed like forever, they moved away,  I tried to get myself up the right way at least, so that I could satisfy my curiosity, as to what was at the bottom of this huge box.

I dug as deep as my arms could go and pulled the stock up from the bottom to the surface until I could hear Matts voice outside whispering , “Jane, Jane quick get out of there now !”

I stood up but there had been quiet a drop into the box and I couldn’t get out?

Matt was trying to direct me out the way I came in – backwards !

So, my legs where sticking up in the air waving about.

We were belly laughing but we knew it was so serious if we got caught.

I was stuck in the box!

We worked out if we rocked the box we could get enough of a tilt on it that Matt could grab hold of my legs. It was like a circus act and to top it all I had a skirt on!

I looked like Worzel Gummidge by the time I had both feet back on the ground lol and I had managed to loose a shoe!

Matt said right you wait here and I will go to the office with the paperwork.

Matt paid Jean, thinking we had got away with it, right up until as she handed him the receipt she wouldn’t let go of it Matt tried to take it and she said,“Turn around!”  and on the wall, was a tv screen showing me standing next to the box with one shoe on!

My haris had been out on camera, the whole office had watched me getting out of the box!!!

Jean, informed Matt that if we were ever caught inside any of the boxes again we would be bared…… for life!

They all came out the office in hysterics as we loaded up, all except Jean she was not amused!

We never did find my shoe either ?!?



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