How did they happen ?

  • 1853
  • ‘Gold Rush’


  • A Bavarian immigrant named Levi Strauss  left Germany & brought the sturdy cotton fabric, denim along with him to San Francisco.
  • One of his customers was a tailor called Jacob Davis. He was commissioned by a gold mining company to create trousers that could withstand the hard work. As their trousers were literally disintegrating within days due to the  tough environment and nature of the work.
  • 1873 Levi & Jacob  became partners 
  • They Patented Classic jeans using copper rivets to reinforce the pockets. (The minors and other labourers appreciated this as they would constantly rip their pockets.)
  • The indigo colour was chosen to hide the dirt.
  • 1890s Their first 501 style jeans were created.


 So jeans started off life as a practical solution for men that needed strong, sturdy trousers that were hard wearing worn by minors, cowboys, farmers, railworkers and believe it or not Polo players!


Hollywoods the answer just by putting their leading, handsome cowboys like John Wayne and Gary Cooper in them in the 1920’s and 30’s.


Us girls had to wait until……..

  • 1934 for the first Lady Levi’s Jeans for women. It was a huge risk before that only girls that worked on farms during the first world war  had needed to wear them, so they had to wear their husbands or brothers jeans.
  • At first they were expected to wear them in the privacy of their own back yard or camping trips lol?but Levi’s seemed to know they would become more than practical work clothes.

What with us all celebrating VE day’s 75th Anniversary, looking back at all the old photographs of the women taking on the mens jobs becoming Land girls and imagining how liberating wearing a simple pair of jeans must of been for women used to sitting pretty in dresses and skirts only!


When Marilyn Monroe wore them in the 50’s it was probably the first time in popular culture that jeans became sexy.


From then on they became a symbol of the youth rebellion worn by the college students in the 50’s and 60’s they protested against the Vietnam war and the establishment, collages banned them which of course made them more fashionable!




In the 60’s it wasn’t unusual to actually get in the bath and shrinkyour jeans to fit you, the colour would come out and dye your skin!

The hotter the water the tighter and better they would shrink to your shape. 

Fast forward to today and we all have them and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Really I couldn’t !

We have our favourite brand that we feel suits us best.

Some love expensive designer cuts best, others favour Topshop, Newlook, Zara or Primark.

Whatever we have such a vast range to choose from.

Be it stretch to no stretch , high rise to low rise skinny or flared, its out there and ready to buy.

I , like you , have probably gone through the good, the bad and the ugly denim fashions over the years.

I wouldn’t change any of them though.

They all remind me of different stages in my life.

Whether they suited me or not is totally irrelevant because the joy of wearing something new and different way out weighed how they looked lol!


I can remember my first piped jeans 


My first coloured jeans, who didn’t copy the Nolan Sisters ?



And cartoon patch jeans.


Britneys low low low waisters 


All Saints 90’s baggy 

& How could we ever forget Nick Kamen in the 501 Levi commercial in 1985❤️


Its no good advising someone what suits them when it comes to jeans because, lets face it, we want whatever everyone else is wearing thats fashionable right or we want comfort ?!?

All that I will say is if bootcut jeans are in fashion or balloon leg with bells on, try on as many different makes as possible because I can guarantee you, they will all fit differently.

So, although they might all be bootcut some brands will be better cut for big bums, short legs, long bodies and so on. 

Its quiet exhausting going jean shopping but its worth the effort in the long run.

You might just find a brand that you tend to stick with because you like their size speck, cut and price. 

Like with everything you buy, something is only expensive or a waste of money if you never wear it or don’t feel good in it.

How many times do you buy something thats a cheaper substitute for the one you really love, to shove it in the wardrobe, then the loft and then the charity shop????

Which is a total waste!!!!

But…. on the other hand, I have designer jeans that I have brought because of the name but actually hate the cut and live in some cheap ones from Jane’s Stall??? 

Look at these two little dudes in their bell bottoms Matt and his little brother Lloyd!

 How cute!

  Couple of casuals in their Lois cut and frayed


Pastel 80’s are trending big time.



Of course  Jane’s Stall wouldn’t let you down !


£6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 

Baby blue link…/baby-blue-stretch-crop-jeans/


Jade – 

Hot Pink –…/hot-pink-stretch-crop-jeans/


Light Pink –

Ours of course are just £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 they are a good store make originally £45!!!

They are 86% Cotton 12% Viscose 2% Elastane, giving them a lovely stretch but a cool feel.

I’m an 8/10 waist and sometimes a 12 bum but in these I managed to get in the 8 with enough stretch to fit on the bum. So I would say they are a lovely size.

They are mid rise crop leg XXXXX

Have a great week girls, 

Stay Well and Safe

xxx  J a n e  H u m e  xxx