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Just so many Christmas to do lists!


Now how did that happen, just 25 days to go, its just like frigging here already.

I love everything about it, even the shopping. I just wish, as Im sure the rest of the world does, I had more time.

I like to have a proper clean before the decorations go up but this morning, as I pulled the front door shut, I could see a dust bunny the size of Barney and leaves?believe it or not under the console in the hallway!

It seems every year we add to the never ending list of things to fit in before Christmas day.

Just sorting a haircut, colour, nails & eyelashes is like mission impossible.

And I just know I shoved the decorations away last year, stupidly arguing with my conscience that was screaming,” Don’t do it Jane, you’ll  never get time to get back up in the loft to pack them away properly through the year. Your just add to the nasty mess with clothes and shoes that are never going to be worn again!” 

Well, I should have listened to my conscience for sure – it was right, I didn’t.

I seem to remember half of the swag lights were flashing and the middle had well and truly died.

In the heat of the summer some of my lovely candles had melted as I had packed them away on their side.

It smelt lovely up there when I was finding suit cases in the summer and I knew, right then and there, that I should pull it all out and pack it all away properly because now, I would be so in love with myself.

Instead of actually looking forward to sticking my head through the loft hatch I really, really don’t want to do it!?

Every year we do a family christmas card, I could lie and say everyone loves it but more years than not we have a giant row lol


Matt should have his very own Grinch card lol he moans about what he thinks Christmas costs let alone if he found out what it does actually cost!

This year he has offered to help me get the outside decorations up which is a first as before now, I have so nearly killed myself slipping, whilst leaning so far out the upstairs window all that saved me was my bellybutton and belt catching on the window latch, my whole life flashed before my eyes!

Admittedly, Im my own biggest enemy as Im just sooooooo bossy, I take all the fun out of putting the decorations up so now, nobody wants to help.

Reggie’s friend Katie was telling me how her mum would let them, as kids, decorate the tree then rearrange it once they went to bed.

I just couldn’t of coped with this arrangement lol what a mean mummy for sure!

Well I hope your lists are getting shorter and your stress levels are under control as Im sure you’ll all agree the happy memories come from the people we have shared time with not how perfect the ball balls have been placed on the Christmas tree have a great week ?

xxx  J a n e  H u m e  xxx