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*Keeping * It* Real *

There’s this new wave of honesty sweeping the internet and I think its not only amazingly brave of the girls but it also shows a real shift in how the big players in retail , are listening and reacting to what we all want to see and ultimately how we want to be sold to .

ASOS Praised

For using unedited pictures of models , ‘keeping it real’

Birthmarks , stretch marks and cellulite left on show .

I think its brilliant and beyond supercool !

You look at the photos and you can feel yourself relax alittle inside .

We can all relate to building up getting into a bikini because every instagram feed and magazine is loaded with these smooth perfect bodies and yet, in reality, on hitting the beach last year, how many of you were pleasantly surprised at how normal you were in comparison to everyone else ?!?!

The problem is nowadays ,we spend so much time on and in social media, that the images we have constantly bombarded our frazzled brains with, have left us with unrealistic body goals and this pressure stops us from just enjoying being who we really are .

Its really sad and I must confess to being 100% a ‘vain Jane’

Rae takes 5000 photos before I find one I like , Im super critical and even then I beg her to add some blur lol .

These ones took a lot of swearing from us both , I have mud in between my toes , Im freezing cold and it had rained just before she started to take them so my hair had frizzed up too !

She has added a warm filter as I looked cold , so not au naturel for me !

Total chicken !!!!

 Nice bit of blur :o)

I would be lying if I didn’t say I love a filter and I totally love looking at all the amazing pictures on instagram but celebrating everyone and making everybody excepted is just so positive, it’s a giant move in the right direction.

Grounding us all.

Hopefully the next generation of impressionable eyes, will have a more realistic perspective to cling too, along side the cherry picked Love Island contestants about to fill our lives for the next 62 days !!!

Take a look at Nienke Kampman a dietitian from the Netherlands she is a fitness influencer , she posts amazing pictures of herself but she made a conscious decision ,deciding even though she had 90,000 followers, to keep it real and she started to post the not so instagram perfect photos along side the perfect ones .

@nienkke – she says ,’Don’t be hard on yourself by wanting to look like the models in the pictures. Having cellulite or whatever doesn’t make you less attractive or less worthy ‘

Just take a look at our ‘Nanny Sparkles’ aptly named as she always brightens our day .


Dancing through life bringing colour , sparkle and her own twist to every outfit she buys ,  we could all take a leaf out of her book .Love you Nanny Sparkles , I dragged her out of the unit to have her picture taken, she always makes an effort & I love her for it !

Have a great week girls

xxxx J a n e xxxx

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