Lets Talk Shorts!


Lets talk shorts

Whether you want to style with an oversized blazer

A huge jumper as on trend…
Or actually workout in them !

                                                                                                      (…now theres a thought )


BIKE SHORTS  do not seem to be going anywhere… Well not in the near future anyway !

Kim K

When Kim K wore them last season, I sort of hoped they would go away, just because i’m not keen on an outfit that looks so unbalanced and top heavy but as with all treads there’s always a watered down look that filters its way down to us mere mortals!

City Bermuda’s

I’m loving the City Bermuda’s, a lot smarter option they are not as body-con,
offering more of a tailored look,
a lot more flattering and just generally kinder all round on
cellulite and veins with less chance of the dreaded camel toe making an appearance!

Take a look at  2019 look …

it’s at least wearable if not affordable !

I shall make it my mission to find you all some cycle, come Bermuda, come city shorts so keep your eyes peeled and of course they will be a fraction of the price because i’m kind like that 

I’ve already won the bid on these Capri Pants

£7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99 !!!
Size 6 – 18
(might be up to a size 22 will know more soon)
…believe it or not they retail at £85 !!!!

With a nice slim leg and a stretch to the fabric they will be ideal for the summer.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think on this short situation

Over and out, Jane xxx

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