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Memories Become The Milestones

As our gorgeous Phebs

jetted off to Vegas to celebrate her 21st and Max has the big 5-O approaching fast (18th March)

it got me to thinking how, through life, we have preconceived ideas as to what we think our lives will look like as we reach certain, so called, important milestones.

I can remember clear as day my teacher, when I was at secondary school, telling me she was going to be 50 and I thought oh you poor thing your life is nearly over!

 Now, on approaching 50 this July, I thankfully have a slightly more optimistic view on being half a century! 

In fact I had quiet a laugh with a customer when she told me it was her 50th this year and then asked me if I had,”Seen Sarah yet?” I said no I only get to see Sarah on Sundays now and she said,”No, no, no, Sarah is a biblical figure she was married to Abraham!”

Apparently when a women turns 50 she is celebrated and becomes a “Sarah” meaning we are now old enough and wise enough to meet Abrahams wife.

I do feel slightly old and very wise  lol and Im always up for meeting new faces but I remember – I felt old and knew it all at 20 because I was married and had a mortgage!

At 20, I thought everything was forever – friendships, marriages, brown double glazing, pensions, video recorders, grandparents, my daddy?

Its nice with age to feel like you understand peoples choices and not be as judgy.

Bad things do happen to good people, young me thought people got what they deserved, older me knows differently.

Karma sometimes takes years to be a bitch.

Im now comfy in my own skin at 20, strangely, when everything was tight and smooth perky and peachy, I wasn’t??

I truly couldn’t care a less what others think unless…..I love them.

 I no longer look at others with everything and think they have got everything.

Having babies makes you grow up, you realise you cant just do what you want when you want but your strangely ok with that.

You find your fine with holding, scrapping, wiping shit, puke, boggies and dribble up off of yourself and others – something at 16 you never dreamt possible.?

When you learn how to love, you realise giving, being with and helping them makes you happier than anything else could and does.

I have realised what’s important to me and thats loving and looking after the people that matter in my life as I also – sadly know tomorrow isn’t promised.

So, whatever you think should happen in a certain order by a certain date just be prepared to dodge and jump, swerve and hurdle cos the one thing Im sure of is nothing is set in stone. 

  21 year old me 

So sure of what I wanted and the future, I was in charge of my destiny……..

I wouldn’t want to change the past, I would just say to my young self to worry less about what makes everyone else happy and what others are thinking about me.

Plan less and just be in the moment I never remember being in the moment, I was always thinking about tomorrow, next week, or year & so on. 

They say A simple life is a happy life.

Like an onion we add all these layers of stress, kids clubs and expectations of what they should achieve, its all bullshit really anyone that I have lost – that I loved, I remember their laughter, conversations, kindness and time spent together not their car or their bank balance.

Celebrate the milestones but realise they are just numbers, being happy everyday with the people you choose to spend your precious time with matters more than anything else when all is said and done memories become the milestones 


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xxxx Jane Hume xxxx