Mugged ! Me !

I sure was!

In Oxford Street, minding my own business shopping in the sales, when from nowhere this tiny, little round lady barged me, so hard it swung me clean round in the opposite direction!

She straight away, put her hands up, saying,

“Sorry sorry”

Luckily, I just sensed something was wrong about it.

Quickly,I checked my coat pocket for my phone as I knew I had a small hole in the lining, so I had to rummage around the hem, feeling first to make sure it hadn’t slipped down between the lining.

The whole time I was watching her walk towards the exit.

I clocked she had another girl with her, she looked like she could handle herself but I just knew, under no circumstances, were they leaving with my phone!

At the top of my lungs I shouted, running after them,

“They have just stolen my phone!”

As I was running past the security guard, playing on his phone, I grabbed the label of his smart black suit, dragging him with me!!!!!

He didn’t know, what had hit him lol

My thinking was I can wrestle with the little barrel of a crook but the other one was definitely her bouncer so he could take her.

The security man, yelled at them to stop which they actually did, to my surprise, for a split second making me doubt my call.

Then they pretended to,

“Speak no, English”

after I had asked her to hand over the phone.

This went back and forth for a few seconds then the security man said,

“I have to go back into my store”

at which point the guilty party suddenly understood, the lingo again so decided it would be a good time to leave too!

I found myself grabbing the poor security mans suit again with one hand and the thieves hood, as she tried to depart, with the other!

Thankfully, this way too laidback security guard, pushed something on his little walky talky thingy and informed us the police were on their way.


I asked, feeling like they were about to make an Aladin exit

“Two mins”

At this point I saw the taller of the two glance at the ‘Artful Dodger’ as if to say give it up now.

Thankfully, the police literally were 2mins and saw her go into her rucksack and hand me back my phone.

It all happened so quickly and it wasn’t until after, as I sat in the hairdressers, my adrenaline kicked in giving me the shakes.

I laughed with my hairdresser, whom I have gone to for over 30 years, as she reminded me ….

“listen honey, your 50 this year you need to calm it down, you can’t be chasing crooks all over London”

She was right of course but it makes me so angry, how they work.

I think of all the young & old people they must hit and how they rely on you just letting them walk off with your belongings, too scared to confront them and make a scene or worse.

I suppose, I was more shocked it had happened to me, I had my bag across me but I had walked along on my phone to Reggie, so they obviously clocked that I had put it in my pocket which was easy pickings.

I truthfully didn’t feel them actually go into my pocket though, I just knew that they bump into you for a reason as I had watched a program on it.

So, just be aware girls and stay safe, wear trainers and sew the holes in your pocket linings. This definitely slowed me down, having to check first before taking up the chase lol.

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