NewYork 🗽NewYork 🗽

On arriving in NewYork, we found our apartment to be perfectly located but rather snug so we dropped off our luggage and went out on the town !

Thankfully, my lovely sister in law, Charlotte has been about 8 times before so, she knows all the cool places to explore.

We jumped in a Taxi and headed for the Meatpacking district 21 9th Avenue

Catch a rooftop, seafood focused restaurant 

With the loviest food but slightly scary Halloween prices lol,

We all felt a tad under dressed but what a great atmosphere, company and setting to start our holidays off. ❤️


Frankie, my little niece conked out bless her, it had been a long day & I too, would have gladly curled up and slept, in the middle of this funky rooftop bar given half a chance😴

The food was really tasty and although you could feel the buzz of the city that never sleeps we just couldn’t seem to stay up to prove it, retiring way to early but with contented tummies and dry contact lenses lol  ✌️🚖 🇺🇸

Up at 3am😫😳🙄!

Definite nip in the air so, we layered up and I can’t quite believe,  what we managed to pack in on that first day !

Times Square 

The time deference helped, all up and out at the crack of dawn, starting at breakfast in Ellens Stardust Diner with the singing servers on 1650 Broadway.

Then onto cycle around Central Park, the weather couldn’t have been better 

Another rooftop bar that looked out at all the sky scrapers and the Freedom Tower .

 5 th Avenue

 Rockefeller Centre Ice Skating

Dinner over looking Brooklyn Bridge 

I have been once before, with my best friend Lorraine, for her 30th and we too had the best time but found the Newyorkers to be very busy and bolshy and this trip they seemed to be even more so, they  could all do with a bit of magic Disney dust sprinkled somewhere!

Day 2 

Ground Zero Memorial and Museum 

A beautiful tribute, that was very moving, peaceful and respectful. Watching it all on TV, can in no way prepare you, for the deep impact this tragic event had, on so many lives.

Being there you felt the huge void, the vastness and the emptiness that it left behind for so many.


A teeny tiny bit of shopping, we left the boys in a bar and I tried out literally  50 ( no lie !) perfumes. only to find the one I love is a sold out limited edition that’s cheaper to buy in England!!

We then proceeded to get extremely lost and soaking wet as the skies truly opened up, Charlotte tried to hail a taxi to save my curly hair from frizzing further as the plan was to go back and change for a meal at the top of the Freedom Tower. 


We eventually found the boys but we were soaked through, we quickly went back to our apartment with 15mins spare, changed and shot back out, hoping the rain would subside.

If anything it got worse and they told us there was zero visibility at the top of the tower 😩👎⛈

Charlotte found us at steak restaurant and I can honestly say it was the best meal I have eaten in my life! It was absolutely amazing 😍👍

 261 water st

So although we were soaked through and missed the views from the highest tower we had a great night that I will remember forever.

Back to our apartment to pack ready to catch a flight  to the Dominican for a relaxing chill out in the sunshine.

Yey 🤗 My body and brain are in need of a recharge, I’m so looking forward to doing nothing but sleeping, eating and eating and sleeping some more !

Thankfully, I have the best team running the ship whilst we are away.

I’m trying my hardest to not interfere!

There are so many samples of stock in the pipeline all being sent through to me – constantly!

So, technically, I’m still working but buying stock never feels like work to me it’s too much fun 😉🤗😘

This Weeks Favourite 

Has to be this Silky Black Dress, it will be a great allrounder as you could easily pack this one for a holiday with a standout, killer pair of heels and matching bag + the Crown Jewels and then for Christmas party season add a white fluffy fur wrap or any little fitted jacket, because it has a high neck it will look great with one. Also it’s a end of the holiday dress, and what I call an all you can eat dress lol as it’s loose around the tummy! 👍😁😘

£10 Silky Black Dress

Have a great week girls

please leave me your comments below ❤️

Xxxxx J a n e  H u m e xxxxX











5 thoughts on “NewYork 🗽NewYork 🗽”

  1. Sounds like you are having a fab time! I’ve checked in on the girls a few times which always means I get tempted to find something there I just have to have 😂…..

    Look forward to hearing even more about your travels on your return XxxX 😎😘

    1. Hi Sof,had the best time wait till you smell my perfume I think your going to love it, you can add it to your Christmas list lol 😝 can’t wait for a catch up too 👍😘😘😘😘

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