*Only* *Ever* *Positive* *Vibes*

It’s been great bringing customers in and taking photos of the stock on them.

The feed back has been great , it really helps customers picture themselves in the clothes . I try to put them in colours and styles that they might not automatically choose.

And Im loving that there is such a positive vibe on the page , with not one negative comment Yay !!!!

The whole reason for bringing the social media area alive is to encourage  all our online customers into the unit if not physically then virtually .

So many say to me , through messages , that they wish they were local enough to come into the unit , our plan is to bring you in and make you a part of the community we have built over the years , friendships built both on the markets and in the unit .

Im so proud to say we have ladies that have become friends having met through Jane’s Stall some have even gone on holiday together lol !

Rae ,my daughter takes all the photographs for both the website and Facebook, she is really passionate about making people feel good about themselves.

Last Friday, she came in from Sittingbourne market really down and upset, two ladies had commented about another customer whilst she was serving someone else , saying she was splitting the seams of a dress she was trying on, laughing with each other but loud enough that the customer had heard them .

It made Rae so sad and angry because little did they know she has terminal cancer.

Had they have known Im more than certain they wouldn’t have joked so thoughtlessly.

To me building a place girls feel safe to shop matters . I know how much some customers really do dread shopping and have come to value an honest opinion not just a quick sale .

We chat about all sorts and I genuinely  want people to leave feeling happy and better about themselves and life in general .

Our plan is to have an online coffee morning , sewing sessions and loads more

We can’t wait , I even convinced Matt we needed an orange settee for our get togethers online !


So the future looks orange !

Make sure your all following @janesstall on instagram . Rae posts some of the goings on throughout the week . Have a peek at this caught on camera

Lol , we were bitten alive this week !

Have great week girls

xxx Jane xxx

8 thoughts on “*Only* *Ever* *Positive* *Vibes*”

  1. I love reading your blogs. I love the Instagram post to….
    I loved you falling over in the tent 🤣
    Always makes me smile yours and your daughters post . Even more big smiles when I receive the clothes I’ve ordered . Waiting for a parcel now and I know I love every item .

    1. Oh thankyou Dee , that’s really lovely of you :0) I some how managed to trip over my own feet and before I knew it I was upside down lol I was trying to keep quiet because they were filming and Im constantly told off for talking and distracting them xxxxx Its Jane logged in on Raes!

  2. As a “non model shaped” girly myself, I am always made to feel comfortable at your unit, and live when you or on of the team says “hang on a minute…try this one…this will look great on you”. There are so few examples of good old-fashioned service and customer care, but you guys embody these for me. As you say some of us hate shopping, but I always love ordering from you. Xx

    1. Thankyou thats lovely to hear,I love that all the girls have strong individual opinions and they genuinely want you to leave with something you feel great in. I hate feeling pressured when shopping and have learnt over the years that people value honesty and I really do love to chat lol ;o) xxxxx

  3. I have been to your unit in Strood in more than a few occasions now and the one thing I do notice is how lovely and uplifting everyone is to all the customers yes not everything suits every body shape but your ladies damn well make sure you come away confident in your choice!

    1. Hi Carrie , its Jane thats great to hear :o)
      When I was 15 I used to help set up before school on a stall at Rochester market and the lady there was so busy she seemed to think it was ok to be rude to everyone! I couldn’t understand why she liked arguing so much she actually gave me tummy ache lol.There isn’t a nicer feeling than when someone leaves feeling happier than when they came in. Thankyou for taking the time to comment xxxxxx

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