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*Out And About*

At last it feels like summer ??


I can remember Summer holidays spent camping in the back garden, I even had a chest of draws in the tent !

Top draw we kept paper to write love letters and Avon makeup samples.

Middle draw was clothes.

Bottom draw food supplies.

& underneath bottom draw anything we didn’t want my brothers to eat,

like tins of Nestles condensed milk!

 Y U M 

We would actually peel the skin off that grew over the top and then pass the can around arguing over who took the biggest slurps !

 Y U C K 

So, I had absolutely no need to go indoors, which was great as we all knew, if you went indoors you ran the risk of being given a job, being made to sit down and eat at the dinner table or worst of all have a BATH !!!! 

Half Term

Over the years the little ones I used to hold, as their mums tried to find an outfit,  are now mums themselves, and nothing makes me happier than serving the daughters of the girls I went to school with and now Im holding my friends daughters, daughters so we are welcoming the next generation of Jane’s Stall shoppers !!!!!

This heat in the unit has been unbearable though, ladies have emerged from the changing room looking like they have taken a sauna lol.

Its just been toooooo hot and the kids just hate shopping but with last minute holiday shops to be done and even school uniform shopping to tackle, before they sell out, we have heard them promising them trips to Disney Land Florida if they just sit on the floor and shut up whilst they try on one last dress ?



I hope all you girlies are following @janesstall on your instagram , as Rae and Phoebe have been out and about taking photos in Whitstable and Rochester.

The instagram stories have been really funny , poor Phebs has had to change in a kids fun tunnel on the side of the road, they have been chased out of a farmers field, stung by stinging nettles, nearly run over catching the perfect shot in the

middle of the road and stuck in a dress on Whitstable beach ? but Im SO happy with the pictures.


The girls have really enjoyed keeping me in suspense as to where they were going! Having Phebs onboard has speeded the whole process up though.


We can literally pick up the samples, model and have them online by the following morning.

Rae had her 24th Birthday!

We had a sports day , rounders and games

Sophie and Rae all grown up !

Barney waiting to pop the balloon down Rae’s shorts ⬆️ & no she hasn’t got my hair on top of her head its a wig ! Great day with family and friends

This Weeks Fav


This great little Paisley Cold Shoulder Dress £6.99 SIZE 8-20

Its just a great little dress?

Have a great week girls, please send me any comments below

xxxx  J a n e  xxxx