Seesaw Of Emotions

Seesaw of Emotions 

I can remember this photo because it was all giggles and fun and then 2 seconds after Reg slipped and split her lip open and Rae fell and took the top off both kneecaps !

The spectrum of emotions that seem to be erupting from me, on a daily basis at the moment, are alarming not only the dog. 


Tears of happiness followed, literally two seconds later, by tears of sadness!

From Captain to Colonal Tom Moore’s little face as the Spitfires flew past, to a nurse crying after her shift had finished, and patients had passed away.


Then there’s fear, fear for what the future of the economy will look like, the domino effect this will have on life and business as we knew it.


To the uplifting, support and loyalty we have received from our staff and customers both concerned and eager to get back to some form of normality.


Missing friends and family hugs, dinners but loving laying in joggers with no bra, hairy legs and no makeup on!


When you work for yourself, you have to get used to not having certainty and security.

Normally, there’s an excitement to taking responsibility, for your decisions but at times like this, you wish you could just dump the responsibility and tough choices over onto someone else’s shoulders for a while.

Its tough to switch off and be in the moment. We are used to there being no division between work and home time. 

 I can not imagine, how hard this adjustment alone must be for all those that are used to keeping their work and home lives separate.

That love, having a set routine, pay and structure to their every day life, forget home schooling and the feeling of having no control over their future!

Its enough to boil over anyones stress levels and cause anxiety.

We just have to keep reminding ourselves if we can get through this with out loosing someone we love and care for then we truly are the lucky ones  because everything else will sort itself out one way or another.

 yes we might go backwards financially, we might be missing cuddles with our new borns, (I can not imagine how hard this must be on all the new mums and dads and grandparents desperate for them first smells and cuddles – time that cant be retrieved)  holidays and birthdays, weddings and special celebrations but so long as we still have them and our loved ones to book in with for the future thats all that matters…… 

I only have to think of those that have had to let a loved one die on their own, scared and away from their families and home comforts…….

To then be buried without a true celebration of their life with all those who’s lives they’ve touched unable to say their goodbyes too.

Thats beyond heart breaking.

So I intend to keep this in mind everytime  I catch my mind wondering into

“Christ when will this all end?”

 land, because we are the lucky ones!

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Have a great week girls

Keep safe and well

xxx Jane Hume xxx