Sewing The Seeds



So this week we had our first sewing workshop in the unit.

It’s something I have wanted to get going for a while as it seems to be a dying craft.

So many girls say to me, I have never even threaded a needle let alone sewn a button on!

I always ask them if they can drive a car and 9 out of 10 of them, say yes so, I inform them, they are more than capable of sewing lol.

Its so frustrating as there is nothing more satisfying then repairing or making something from scratch and its actually quiet therapeutic.

My mum had lessons many years ago but apart from that, she is totally self taught.

Trial and error, unpicking, blood sweat and tears lol

Being tall it was a necessity other wise she couldn’t find any clothes in an appropriate length for her height.

Plus money was tight so making her own clothes and for others was a way to save and earn some extra cash.

Although, she would never charge enough considering the hours and hours she sat needle working.

I can remember trying to watch T.V over the noise of the machine + a lot of swearing coming from the dining room as she snapped needles, trying to sew a heavy duty fabric best suited to an industrial machine, not her tired old machine, as she reupholstered our settee.

I would volunteer her for just about anything and everything, making costumes for the Brownies and school plays, Cheer leading costumes, stage curtains, boat sails, tent repairs, wedding dresses (thats a whole other blog!) Christmas card costumes, you name it she has made it or repaired it.

But I think, the one I remember the most and that by far meant the most to me was when I was 12 or 13 and everyone was wearing leather Patchjackets.

I had saved up and brought one from Leather Lane but my best friend didn’t have the money so my mum made her one out of a bag of off cuts my dad had collared off of a leather bag makers shop in Neal Street Covent Garden.

(In this photo below 1982 or 83 my mum had made the curtains ,reupholstered the settee and this is the leather patch jacket she made for my friend! Look at our little T.V with the ariel on top lol!)

 We are breakdancing by the way !

The leather was untreated and it stained her fingers and anything she touched in fact and her fingers actually bled as she had to hand sew it as her machine conked out!

I have made my mum sound like Dolly Partons mum making A Coat Of Many Colours ? LOL.

I was so proud of her though and Im so pleased she is passing on her skills.

My lovely friend Michelle, equally as talented, gave up her time and taught us how to make these cool bags.

There’s not loads of room but if anyone is interested in learning the basics definitely message me and I will fit you in at some stage.

Including anyone thinking of taking it as an option in sixth form or college drop me a line.

Its on Wednesdays 7pm for adults and we are doing a class for younger ones 5-7pm


If this nasty weather and February in general makes you feel like hibernating I can highly recommend visiting  Sophia at Spark Oils 

She is local (Strood ) and works from home creating a relaxing little piece of heaven for treatments.

I went to see her this week, its my treat to myself.

I fall asleep, dribble and snore, its that relaxing! Maybe drop some hints for a voucher for Mothers day.

She is gentle, kind and really cares about making you feel relaxed.

Sometimes, Im too tired to talk and thats what I love about Sophia, she always asks me how Im feeling, sometimes we chat and put the world to rights and other times I tell her I need to mong out.

She always does my angel cards as an added extra which I love.

OR Maybe book a photo shoot

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 RaeHume photography

For those of you that hate having your photo taken I can not recommend Rae highly enough?

Rae has taken Jane’s stall’s photos since 2012!

Leaving us a few months ago to pursue her dream of owning her own photography business.

 Concentrating on providing content for vloggers, instagramers, model portfolios, corporate events, baby shoots, weddings basically, you name it, she can take a photo of it.

Rae is a people person, she loves making people feel good about themselves and that shines through in her photography. 

She prides herself on not giving up until she sees “that look” of a satisfied customer, having had years of me being an absolute nightmare, she knows that look well lol!

She has a completion running at the moment on her Facebook page

Rae Hume Photography so like her page and enter,you might win a shoot or book up now in time to surprise your mum with a picture of her love ones?



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  We  can never have enough white shirts

With a shaped hem they are great under short jumpers to hide the bits we hate being 100% cotton they will be great through the Summer.

Have a great week girls.

xxx J a n e  H u m e xxx