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Shoe Condoms ??

So, what’s the weather got in store for all the ladies attending Ascot this year ?

G L O R I O U S    

S U N S H I N E 


O R 

R A I N I N G  C A T S

 A N D  D O G S ?


How can you possibly plan to wear a giant ostrich feather hat when the forecast is for heavy downpours & gale force wind ?


Its such a shame , all that effort and expense


to end up with  ruined shoes


that you will, probably, never wear again !

Mind you,  do we ever wear them special occasion shoes again ?

The ones we managed to convinced ourselves truly warranted a whole months wages ?

You know the ones –  they were an investment, that we would wear to every wedding, christening and party for the next 30+ years.

They would save us money!

because……..because…….because they go with everything!

Yep,  them there expensive shoes will save you so much money, it would be bloody rude not to buy them and just stupid derrrrrr !

…..sort of like the coat we convince ourselves into every season, of every new year, with out fail lol ;0)

I love traditions, I’m a traditional kinda a girl, it would be sad to break this little secret one don’t you agree ?

After all , its only you and that clever little devil, clinging onto your shoulder,

that truly understand just how much good you’re doing for all the local charity shops , they would be lost without your generosity.

Secret saints we are in fact !

Safe Investments 

A pair of wellington boots to match your outfit or how about some

 Shoe condoms !

How cool are these hahaha

Im not sure how they would last over heels but perfect over a wedge as they stretch !

Festivals and even walking the dog – in the dark,  I always find the poop and spend the whole walk trying to spread it or unpick it with a stick lovely lol



Along of cause with a fancy umbrella , great for shade if the sun gets its hat on !

Trust me , you will definitely use all of these again (if your lucky!)


2012 – Max and me actually used the picnic blanket as a keep me warm blanket it was that cold and wet , my lovely swede pink espadrille wedges went in the bin along with my hat ( I think that was just because I didn’t like it , what was I thinking stupid hat ??)

Great day but I didn’t see one horse lol !

This weeks News 

Ive had a busy week …….. I managed to be informed by a boy in the vets that I look like Brian May out of Queen !!!!!!!


Sadly , I can see the resemblance lol ,  his poor mum was mortified telling me how much he loves curly hair , Queen and he plays guitar .

How funny but undoubtedly the worst looky likey Ive had yet , that one beats Glen Close as Cruella De Vil hands down !!!

I partied on a school night !

Soaps ( Maxines daughter ), who our locals will all remember as she worked for us for along long time , had her 24th.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Soaps she is like another daughter to me. We have celebrated just about everything together and I love her to the moon and back with bells on .

Max said, as its a Wednesday its just a cake and a chance to wish her Happy Birthday  so pop in after modelling this weeks stock.

It turned into a party at which I twerked , Matt breakdanced and all on a work night did you ever ?!?!

To finish on a positive and loose the thought of us doing the above – I won £2 on a horse race bet this week at my little nephews presentation night :O) forget the £20 I lost lol ;O)

This weeks top pick 

Has to be this little Linen Mix Yellow Check Midi Sundress. Its still in a well known store for £24.99 and we are selling them for just £10.99 !!!!! Size 8-16 with an elastic back . I love it with converse , flip-flops or wedges its a holiday ready one .

Have a great week girls

leave me any comments below .

xxxx J a n e xxxx