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Lol, my friend shared this on Facebook and I must admit to taking a deep breath in, relaxing my shoulders and smiling because I couldn’t have related more!

There’s this huge chunk of the nation on the front line who are, most likely, insanely jealous of the luxury of just being at home Netflix box setting or sunbathing on 80% pay……


And then there’s the rest of the nation struggling to adjust to being told to do nothing!

How often do or will we ever again, get week upon week to gut the loft, clear the garden, get fit and so on and yet it’s all too much for our routine trained, stressed out, conditioned brains.

The panic I think comes from us normally, always having the,          ‘Im way to busy, I’ll do that next week, excuse.

Its sort of nice to have that excuse it takes the guilt away!

Our poor little brains are all in a mucking fuddle.

The Achievers: are trying to learn Mandarin & the clarinet whilst moving their kids up 3 sub levels in the National curriculum!

Thats because achievers learned  that to be accepted and loved they have to achieve to succeed.

They struggle to stop because they believe without these continuous achievements they are nothing.

The Anxiety Types: Think the world is an unsafe scary place at the best of times so now they must be exhausting their brains just trying to keep themselves and everyone else safe! 

And lets face it its scary enough listening to the news let alone seeing giant temporary Morgues being erected daily!

They will be on one hand ok with the retreat from the world but on the other hand, already be totally panicking about how they will control social situations, when we go back to normal. 

Who remembers ‘Normal’  Im self distancing in my car lol Im even leaving the space of 4 parked cars when Im driving now!

The Helpers: They have learnt from an early age that in order to be safe and accepted they have to look after everyone else and keep everyone happy.

They are so scared of letting anyone down and worry continuously about what others think of them, they would hate to be thought of as selfish, so exhaust themselves helping everyone.

They probably feel unsupported and angry with those around them, who just don’t understand their need to shop, cook, raise money and even sleep with the homeless, refugees from Outer Mongolia, to help keep their morale high!

Basically, try and practice some of what we preach to our Kids, you know when we say to them,

” No one will be angry if you just try your hardest and give it your best shot “

My mum and dad would always say this to me before open day, exams, sports day, swimming gala’s – and later still even in childbirth lol 🤣 

Basically we cant and won’t be able to be everything to everyone.

Or will we get everything done that maybe we wanted too or think we should of with this time but if we get through this not hungry, safe and well without loosing our loved ones then thats all that really matters. 

Forget the holidays, birthdays, money our health and that of those we care about matters more than anything.

Happy Easter


Thankyou once again to all the NHS, Caregivers, Postworkers, Police, Army, Firefighters , Shopworkers and Key Workers for providing a service so that we can all stay safe. You are our hero’s.

This Weeks Fav 


Black and white Maxi Dresses £8.99 Non crease  Size( 8/10)( 12/14)

( 16/18 )(20/22) They are a lovely size  Great for getting a no strap tan .

We have been spending the time at the unit sorting the rails and rails of stock we have out the back of nowhere land.

We have found so many lines that are great for now and its keeping us busy until the factories are obviously back up and running again.

Thankyou for always supporting us, I get really emotional when I post a line on Facebook and so many of you comment and say that you have it and love it and so on , it means the world to me and I do truly appreciate our lovely customers.

Thankyou stay safe and well girls

xxxx Jane Hume xxxx












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