Spanner In The Works

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like a giant, rusty, old spanner is waiting in the wings, ready to launch itself into your show, just for the hell of it?

Max was all set to jet off on a lovely Caribbean cruise to celebrate her 50th this Friday, but has had to make the decision to reschedule?

We are all super gutted for her and anyone else that has had plans totally disrupted by all the uncertainty, surrounding the virus.

Business wise, its all pretty scary the sheer size of the domino effect this will have on us all – from us as small independent traders to the big boys, like Primark, ABF sources 40% of their products from China.

Tankers held in Singapore   

The delays to factory production are inevitable they, I imagine, will have to source from Bangladesh,Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey and eastern Europe but thats only if there is any demand!

At this rate we will only be needing onesies along with the toilet paper and hand sanitiser! 

What is it with the toilet paper??????

I mean I know its important but I would panic a lot more if we ran out of the real essentials like food!!!!! (chocolate and wine)

We have just had a worrying discussion on alternatives if you did happen to run out  newspaper, a leaf, jump in the shower and most alarming the curtains!!!!!

& I won’t tell you who suggested them as an option!!!!

Im making light of the situation because if I don’t, Im afraid I might just become hysterical!

Im normally very positive and can generally convince Matt he’s over reacting but for once Im struggling with this one.

The stress and uncertainty of how long this could drastically, disrupt normal life for everyone really is scary.

The best we can do is plan ahead for if we have to self isolate.

I have decided I will gut my loft so Im going to stock up on black sacks and storage boxes.

Someone else I was talking to said they was going to do the same and list everything on ebay – something that you never get time to do and might bring in some extra, much needed, cash.

Sort the garden, decorate, get ahead with cooking some frozen meals for when your back to work

You could spend the time getting extra fit so you’re ready for a late holiday when you are allowed to fly again.

Box set binge

What ever, its looking like thats what’s ahead of us and we will all need something to occupy our minds other than catastrophizing!

I know this really is frightening with mortgages to pay, the bills won’t just go away and life has to go on even if our jobs and work life are postponed.

All we can do is look out for one another and try not to panic.

Supporting family, friends, neighbours, local shops and businesses is all we can do.

Heres some happy vibes from the unit 

Donna’s lovely son Jordan has joined the British army.

He is off doing his training. I know Don is missing him like mad already but she is so proud of him and rightly so.

Phebs has come home from Vegas. ? They had an amazing time.


 Home SAFE?

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Have a safe week girls


xxx  J a n e  H u m e  xxx