Statement Skirts

I love a statement skirt ! 

Me and my mate Naomi rocking a tartan mini in 1986 , we loved them itchy skirts!

Finally allowed out of school uniform and we choose to come in in our very own sixth form little number lol .

Over the years I have tried just about every statement skirt on the market

Petticoat  , Ra Ra


Followed by the hideous Puffball

We loved a hidious granny skirt , normally with matching tights !

Casual pleats with giant shoulder pads !


Drop waists with braces 

Matt and myself 1986

 Large elastic waistbands

Teamed with bows , socks , fingerless gloves , beads, yellow mascara  and lots of hair liquor !

I loved this look the most thanks to Bananarama :O)

Skirts with leggings, I wore it with a stud belt and a luminous t-shirt with a lace body over the top !

Strangely I thought I was the coolest person alive in this outfit 

Moving on swiftly 

Leaving behind some of the nasty, not so flattering looks of the 80’s and 90’s !

This season, has of course a skirt look going on and for those of you hating on your knees , thighs , kankels , veins , whiteness, hairy legs – they will be a blessing.

Covering everything but you can still look summery with a crop or vest ,flip-flops or wedge.

Depending on the fabric they can feel cool , even though half your body is covered and if your anything like me they might even help with the being eaten alive on a summers eve !

I like that you can choose a silky, dressy, evening fabric and then add a t-shirt , trainers and a denim jacket so your totally ready for anything !

Here’s some store options 


 J a n e ‘ s  S t a l l ‘s cute little offering 

£6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 £6.99 !!!!


Saturday in the unit Im going to cut one down to fit Donna so you can see how easy it is to shorten !

 This weeks fav

Black Stretch Jumpsuit £10 its great for work with a t-shirt or blouse underneath, great with flats or heals , and the leg is not so skinny at the bottom that it cuts off the circulation ! I recommend going up a size though , its stretch but I preferred the fit on the one up and then I can comfortably get a blouse underneath .

Size 6 – 20



Have a great week girls and the best news is that Strood high street is back up and running so , fingers crossed no more traffic jams !

Please send me pictures of some funny skirt choices over the years ;o)

and any comments below .

xxxx J a n e xxxxx










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