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Swings and Roundabouts

Firstly, last week, we managed to somehow send out only half the blog !

Just so many Christmas to do lists!


I swear technology and myself just don’t get along 80% of the time.

  This is how I wonder about most days at work

I try, I promise its like my brain just says ,” Nope, enough Jane there’s  just no room to take that REALLY important information in Im afraid. Its too busy trying to remember all the other REALLY important information from about 5 mins ago!”

I go from the office to the unit and Ive forgotten what the hell my mission was!

It used to be if I stood still it would come back to me, now I actually retrace my tracks and end up back in the office where someone shouts ,”You went to go to the toilet!” How can I forget this ?

Worryingly I do along with my children’s names Reg becomes Rage which is half Rae.

My mum thinks its funny seeings as we once had her iPod engraved from

DON  (mixture of David and John)

JAVID (a mixture of John and David)

OOJAMAFLIP  (supposed to be me after she had exhausted the names above oojamaflip aka Jane)

Its the time of the year for sure!

I believe my marbles are not quiet lost yet, they are just rolling about in the bottom of my handbag – which handbag, now that I can’t quiet remember???

So, this week I went over to Maidstone to get my hair colour done by Reggie and whilst there flew around a few shops, something I rarely get time to do.

I was shocked to find two of the things I had ordered online from Amazon for half the price in the shops!

I thought I had got myself a good deal as I had seen them advertised on my instagram feed and Facebook for £20 then looked on Amazon and got them for £10 (with free delivery ) but they were in the shops for £5!

I love the ease of shopping online and convenience of choosing to shop whilst Matt watches football and question time but its so important to get off my butt and have a recce about the shops too – when time allows, although it had cost me £6 to park so its all swings and roundabouts.

It’s hard to predict the future for our high streets and it’s sad to see them looking so tired with so many empty.

For me when everything goes smoothly ie it fits & it arrives on time life is good but when there’s a problem I want a shop front or at least a person I can communicate with quickly.

We have our Work Christmas do this Sunday, last year we danced on the table’s and in the toilets like you do



This weeks Fav 

These great little store scaves we are selling them £5 each or 3 for £10

this the link to buy CREAM SCARF 

Great little present line as all the labels are left in.

Have a great week girls

xxxx Jane Hume xxxx