Team Work………

Team Work.……..Makes The Dream Work !

Our local ladies will appreciate the significance of the above !

Strood is having a facelift , brilliant its much needed but for 10 yes 10 weekends the council have decided to close the traffic off to sections of the high street !

This obviously has caused everyone , locally a huge amount of disruption and for all the businesses a massive dent , like 70% down in takings last Saturday alone ! Only 9 more to go ! 

Having been in business for over 30 years we have sort of learnt there’s always a little something waiting in the wings to test your mental stability , this must be this years test lol . Thanks the powers that be , its a good’un !!!


Making The Best Of It 

Here’s where the team work comes in , our aim is to try and get the new stock in and ready to buy on the Thursday , so that you can hopefully (where ever possible) get into us before the weekend to pick your parcels up , missing the Saturday congestion ( Sunday the traffic was moving fine , we are open 10-4 Sundays)


We used to stand on the market with all this brilliant stock from Topshop, Wallis , John Lewis , Asos all this great surplus and samples and before all the social media exploded , so few knew we existed, it was just so frustrating .

Now , thankfully, you know where we are but now you can’t get to us because of the blooming traffic !!!!

Thankgoodness for the website and all your support in always liking , commenting, sharing our posts but most importantly showing up what ever , I know some of our customers sat in 2hrs + just to pick up a £6.99 top , now that’s dedication !


I know staff were sent home from Tesco’s as it was so quiet and local hairdressers had so many cancellations as people couldn’t get in for their appointments , they had stylist to send home , its now we need to support the local stores as it effects everyone .

This weeks best seller !

At just £15 THE SUIT  (jacket + shorts ) size 4 -20 its great because you can mix it about , dress it up for a special occasion or casual with jeans

The suit you have all been waiting for has finally been given a release day , this coming Monday so keep an eye on the wall for them . Im so in love with them !

  • Seersucker fabric , light weight and cool for the summer
  • cotton fully lined jackets
  • trousers fit great and being crop they suit any shoe from wedges, flats to high heels.
  • made for Benetton , lovely quality
  • would look effortlessly cool with a floaty loose chiffon sleeveless blouse and corsage on the jacket for a wedding
  • casual wear the jacket with jeans and pumps

T H E  S U I T  £20 !!!! Size 6-18

If you wanted to be bang on trend you could even cut the trousers into city bermudas !

So be ready , you can always reserve by calling the unit (9-5) 01634 727109

If you order online , all the online stock is kept at the unit in Strood so, technically, its there already as soon as you order it .

You will be sent an email as soon as its ready to pick up .

If you need it super quick call the unit and the girls will try to make it a priority. You can try on in the unit and if its not suitable we can refund you back however you originally paid .

We keep your parcels in the unit until its suits you to pick up , which will help with the traffic situation .

We will keep you posted on if they change the plans and actually work through the night which would obviously suit everyone ! Fingers crossed !

Have a great week girls

Jane xxxxxx