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Tips on how to shop with confidence.

Remember A Time 

  •  Start by remembering a time when you felt amazing in something . It could be jeans , a shirt , suit whatever .
  • Remember what it was about the outfit that that made you feel so great.
  • What colour was it ?
  • Length ?
  • Fabric ?
  • Try to work out was it the fit, feel , comfort or silhouette that made you feel confident ?

If you have say an A-line sundress that you love and take on holiday every year don’t try on a slinky fitted cocktail dress for the party you’ve been invited to, choose a more sophisticated dress that fits and feels the way that sundress fits.

I think we panic if we wear something over and over thinking we are not being adventurous enough , we think dressing well is more complicated than it really is .

That go to safe dress the one that when all else falls , never lets you down , that dress will save you hours and hours of your life . Study it !

I have a shaped black jacket that fits me perfect , I love the length and fabric . It makes shopping easy because I can buy any new trend jeans and tops in the seasons fashionable colours , knowing I can always put that favourite Black jacket over the top , it covers the bits I want covered . It’s an investment .

My favourite tip , if you can only think of outfits you felt amazing in when you were 3 stone lighter (apart from getting your trainers on and starting to walk lol ) is to study famous people closest to your  colouring , shape , height and weight . They will have been styled by the best , working out how to highlight their best features and disguise their worst . Then hunt down similar .

A bright statement accessory , oversized earrings , bold bag and matching shoes can change an old outfit instantly , again I have a very simple black dress that is in a style that flatters me I just add new accessories , saving me time hunting for something new to wear in the morning.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable before you have even left the house , change ! You can bet you will bump into someone you really wouldn’t want to see !

Some of my favourite Confident Women

J e n n i f e r  A n i s t o n  – All black always looks good, same neck line , shape & length but different fabrics .

M i c h e l l e  O b a m a – has amazing arms , she is a classic pear shape so wearing off the shoulder balances out her hips . She is 5’11” I love that she stands tall and proud .

Her confidence , smile and bold choice of colours means you can not help but notice her . Real girl power !


Kris Jenner

5’6″ Classic hourglass shape . She is a huge fan of the tunic dress


She cleverly covers her arms but keeps it crop when wearing a skater style so that she doesn’t loose her waist .

Remember what I said above about finding a good black jacket that fits well then you can have fun with what you add underneath as you know the jacket fits you perfect .

Dame Judy Dench 

-5’1″ Apple Shape , She has found a style that suits her and then changed the fabric and colour . You can see she feels comfortable and confident .

Diane Keaton 

Height – 5’6.5″ Rectangle body shape

I absolutely love her style , again she has a signature look that she changes with accessories .

 So girlies , after you have remembered your favourite outfit and worked out why you loved it so much , have some fun working out which celebrity you look most like and then steal their style for free !

Mix up your colours , fabrics and accessories , really work out what makes you feel confident and then stick to it , I promise it will save you money and time in the long run .

Leave me your comments xxxx