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V.I.Poo Hiccups :O)

This week , between Matt and myself ,we have some top tips to share with you that will help with both your street cred and your health and hygiene .

Firstly , my tip – when in a dark bar without glasses , ask someone with good eyesight to check first before you spray V.I.POO in your trap instead of breath freshener just because it feels like the same shape bottle doesn’t mean it is !!!!!

Positive = Rosey smelling hiccups  :o)

Secondly , Matts tip – never fall asleep with your sunglasses on on a boys holiday !!

How funny !!!!!


Shan’t be living this one down in a hurry lol !

Normally , when Matt’s away cycling , golfing or footballing I cram in all the things he says nooooooo to…………. like Ikea !

Our house ends up resembling a scene out of changing rooms but Im kerknackered !

I haven’t the energy for housework let alone painting walls , so that ain’t a happening !

We need the sun to get its hat on and come out to play .

This weeks modelling saw spots of rain and sprinkles of goose bumps .

A little black cat came out for a flirt with Rae’s fluffy shoes !

I got all emotional as the Dakota planes flew over Kent for the D-Day 75th anniversary .


Humbled by their sacrifice

As we messed about taking photos , opposite Chatham Dockyard , surrounded by all the history ,I felt so privileged thanks to a generation of the bravest men and women that gave me this freedom I too often take for granted .

This Weeks Loves 

We both love the Paisley £10 Jumpsuit , its full length on me with flats .

And the little Brown and Cream spot dress £6.99 .

A great easy wear , go to dress .

I have put my own belt and a denim jacket for a day look but we had a customer come in with a cream crop jacket and shoes that she wanted to team with something for a wedding and this looked amazing , just needs a brown corsage then Bobs your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt , wedding sorted !  ;O)

We just love it when customers run in with an odd shoe or strange coloured jacket and say ,”Quick match me something !”

We say ,”When for ?”

Customer ,”An interview in 20mins !”  lol

The best one yet was when I had a bride in looking for a going away outfit , her friend was all aggy .

Why I wondered ?

It turns out she was getting married that very afternoon lol .

I can imagine my Rae doing the same but probably worse , she will be still choosing her actual wedding dress hahaha .

Another tip – If your opposite the Dockyard you could put in a small claim for  twisting your ankle on a nude bra ! Gone is our shy little Phoebe :o)


Have a great week girls , leave me comments and queries below

Jane xxxxxx