Week One Of Isolation!


Does anyone else feel like they are a part of the next big Netflix boxset? 

At first it was a horror movie but Im surprisingly alarmed at how quickly both Matt and myself have adjusted to isolation.


I think that once we realised we couldn’t swim against the tidal wave, we for once in our lives, just stopped paddling.

And along with the rest of the world gave into being swept, well dragged along helplessly. 

I think we are all still in the churn of the tsunami, how can we possibly anchor ourselves yet.

Even with the government lobbing lifelines at us, where and what will tomorrow look like for us and them?

I have never wanted to be a politician and now the job seems even less appealing.

Geez the gargantuous decisions having to be made in such haste with the countries future hanging in the balance.

Initially, our worries now seem so superficial compared to the poor souls fighting for their lives.

& what about the poor families already dealing with the floods in the West Midlands and then this comes along, how much more can they take????

It’s like we needed to be reminded who the true hero’s are…….. 

the caregivers.

I know Im not the only one that becomes an emotional wreck every time they are clapped.

Lets hope, when we are out the other side of all this, that we remember the huge sacrifices they are making along with all the others that are having to keep going, suppling a service, whilst some of us seem to be struggling with just staying indoors!

Im not in anyway aiming that at the ones trying to earn a living, scared shitless of whether they will have enough money to buy food.

I mean the ones that are BARBECUING in the park!

It’s a massive wakeup call – hurting us all one way or another.

Who else is missing hand shaking, hugging and kissing ……….well……..everyone your not self isolating with lol?!?!?!?

I was listening to a late night radio phone in whilst in the bath and a bloke phoned in stupidly thinking he might get some sympathy because he had to make the tough choice to tell his wife he was self isolating with his co worker (lover) so as not to put them all at risk but really it was because his home life was so miserable as he has 4 children under 10 years of age and he just couldn’t face being at home for that long and he would miss the sex with is co worker but – (your going to love this) on turning up at his co workers flat she informed him,“He is just a bit of fun!!!” and she couldn’t face spending that much time with him!!!!!

Bloody lovely bit of poetic justice that just gets better because on returning home his wife has decided to self isolate with her 80 year old mother so he now has to look after all the kids! Muahaha 🤣


Matt informed me, as we climbed into bed, day 2 of isolation, that he’s gutted he’s isolating with a 50 year old hormonal, whinging, job finding wife and not a 30 year old Russian bird!!!!

 My reaction!

I informed him I could easily kill him and tell everyone he had sadly caught coronavirus and then cut him up and make sausages free to all the greedy food hoarders!

I then left it 5 mins and informed him he had beads of sweat on his head (knowing he’s the biggest hypochondriac ever !)

Ha ha ha😂!!!!

I have to say though since being so nasty I have had some bad karma!

Whilst tackling the weeds in the garden, Matt tried to warn me that a spider was hanging above my head, I thought he was winding me up and ignored him right up until it dropped on MY FACE  causing me to react like Jacqueline Jossa’s in her  ‘I’m A Celeb Trial!!!!

I flapped about so bad hyperventilating, I unknowingly, popped the gusset on my body and continued to weed the front garden with it hanging out the back for the world to see – just like Joanna Lumley in Ab Fab!

I apologise if you had to witness this and also to the man that got to see a whole lot more than Im sure he wanted too, whilst out on his morning jog………………..

We have been getting up and walking at 6am, right out to the back of nowhere in the woods, after drinking my pint of veg juice, I reluctantly had to pee.

Matt found this hilariously funny as normally its him that gets caught short and I always, midflow, panic him by yelling,

“Someones coming!!!!”  

I thought he was joking so I carried on piddling whilst giving him stick,                                          

” Yeah, Yeah What Ever Idiot!”

and then, I could see him (the said unfortunate jogger – trying to mind his own business) running towards me, I couldn’t stop so panicked and stood up pulling my jeans up with my thong twisted around my knees, squealing and still peeing!

It was highly alarming for us both Im sure!

Rae is self isolating with my mum, across the road from us, she is trying to make my mum TIKTOK famous lol its keeping her sane, my mums used to going out everyday so she is struggling with no routine.

I will be posting them on the Facebook page or you can look them up on TIKTOK – @sunnieeraee

and I have made the girls all get TIKTOKING  too 😆

TIKTOK – @janesstall we need to get some more followers 🙏🙌😘

I will keep the blogs coming make sure to comment and let me know what’s going on in your lives.

As soon as we have some new samples to show you we will post.

Take care girls, please keep safe and well

lots of love

xxxx Jane xxxx










5 thoughts on “Week One Of Isolation!”

  1. So glad you’ve been able to still write your blog. It’s a strange time for us all and all of our routines are out the window so a real treat to read your news on a Saturday a.m as always. I thought I’d get all my jobs done in one week but if the truth be told I’ve spent hrs catching up with friends and family on the phone and really just pottering.

    Same as you Jane with the clapping and my emotions came flooding out unexpectedly as have family and friends on the frontline working in icu. Let’s hope we can escape that zone and stay safe at home. I will see what Ruben & I can rustle up Re TickTok but Rae is a legend in them!!! 😂

    Keep safe, keep well & keep sparkling xxxxx✨

    1. Soph, I know thats the strangest thing about this all, it is like someone has pushed the reset button reminding us all what’s important communicating instead of rushing about putting it off, always thinking there’s more important things to be done when really there is nothing more important.Get TIKTOKING please keep safe my lovely friend xxxxxxxxxx

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