What a gift can mean

We all strive to give our kids the top brick off the chimney on Christmas Day.

Thinking it’s what will make them happy and I must confess at certain times in my life, Christmas was all about the present.

Like at thirteen years old, when I desperately wanted a sovereign necklace and nothing else could fill the void in my life.

Even a half sovereign would have done lol. I remember struggling to hide the disappointment desperately hoping every time my mum went out the room she was going to come back with a little box and yell,”Surprise!” 

But as I get older and look back, it’s the little things that evoke nostalgia.

The smells that wafted around the house of cakes cooking, a real Christmas tree, even my nans best perfume -Estée Lauder Youth Dew!

The sounds that made it special, singing all the carols at school in assembly would start the butterflies- Little Donkey, Silent Night.

I remember learning to sing the descant to O Come All Ye Faithful at primary school and then all the schools singing together at the Central Hall in Chatham.

I couldn’t stop myself grinning. Im not a good singer, at all, but I loved belting these carols out in between passing love letters to the boys we fancied from other schools 🥰

The films, The Wizard of Oz, The Bishops Wife , The Great Escape and of course James Bond and The Ballet Beatrix Potter



Funny how the things that drove me the maddest as a kid, I have passed on to my kids!

Little traditions, my mum would make us all get washed, dressed and even eat breakfast before any presents could be opened and then, it gets worse, we had to wait for my dad to go and collect my great nan Rose

Just getting her coat off took like 30mins, this was torture for me and my cousins!

I had friends that would open their stockings on there own in their bedrooms before their mums and dads had even got up!


We opened one present at a time, taking hours.

My mum would say a lot of time and effort has gone into these presents and the least you can all do is watch them be opened.

I can see her now armed with a black sack and a sherry!

The music- Stars on 45 Beatles Medley 😁 Queen, Quo, even a Scottish sword ⚔️ dance!

Literally albums would go flying as we found the next song to stomp to, squished into my mums front room where there wasn’t room to change your mind. Paper chain decorations that ended up around our necks, no posh M&S food platters just sausage rolls, pickles cold meat rolls and trifle

Above all, the sound of family, laughing, arguing, over eating, over drinking that’s what warms my heart and makes me feel all toasty inside.

The presents I can hardly remember, but the people I can.

So, don’t worry about who’s got what, just know it will all come together and be over this time next week!

Worry less and enjoy the company where ever and whatever your doing that’s the best gift to give the memories.

I can see my dad now surfing in the front room to the Beach Boys, laughing, way to drunk to coordinate his legs with the rest of his body.🤭😂

Happy times ❤️ be with the people that make you happy.

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas xxxx

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  1. Wishing you & the girls oh and Matt who gets left behind a fabulous Christmas and an even better New Year in 2020! Your childhood Xmas sounds alot like mine. Blessed to have parents who made it so magical……. cheers to all my lovelies at Jane’s Stall and a big thank you for all being so fab! 😇💖💎xxxxx

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