What We Can Expect To See In 2019

What are we going to be seeing this Summer ???

TIE DYE –  I can remember our art teacher , she was a bit of an ageing hippy , wearing a long boho tie dye dress , never would I have imagined I would want to raid her wardrobe but its back and in a big way girls !!


UTILITY BOILERSUITS – Lovely and loose fitting but can be belted up , they can easily be worn of an evening with heels , look cool with ankle boots and casual with trainers . I LOVE THEM !


POCKETS EVERYWHERE – Lots of patch pockets , large ones !




Here’s a new word for you ACCESSOMORPHOSIS – Its the transformation of bags and wallets into clothing !!! Boxy car coats with patch pockets that are even labelled – keys , coins , phone . The idea being if you have to multi task so should your clothes !


CARGO PANTS – I know for sure the girls in the unit will be well happy about these coming in as I loose everything – like every 5 mins , I come into work with my distance glasses on top off my head and my close up ones on my actual eyes , a pen behind my ear , my phone and keys down my bra and I’m still constantly hunting for one or all of them throughout the day ! So cargo pants with pockets everywhere will save hours of my life lol .


NEON – Cyberpunk , its in your face . A total explosion of luminous colour , mixed in with the NEO BOHO TREND which is clashing geometric prints – basically its luminous colour mixed with just about everything from lace , prints , floral , silk – no concern for what goes with what .Very 80’s mixed with 90’s help !!!!!! 1980’s will not quit , Princess Diana – skirt suits with strong shoulders and gaudy accessories .


COLOUR – Its in skirts , shorts , trousers and jackets BOLD , bright shades that can really shout in your face as a full on look , whatever the shape its all about colour TUTTI FRUTTI shades


SHADES OF SAGE – seafoam , mint , pistachio . I love these colours .


BEIGE – I think it looks grown up, sophisticated and expensive .Oatmeal ,biscuit , blush and off white





ACID WASH DENIM – Again very 80’s


BOWS – Shoulder bows on blouses , dresses , jewellery , shoes and hair accessories !


FEATHERY ACCESSORIES – From Ostrich to Peacock feathers are the new fur !


FRINGING – 2018 was frills 2019 its fringing hanging from sleeves , hems , shoes ,bags and even necklaces


ANIMAL PRINT – Im surprised to see leopard print all over Spring 2019 but it seems animal prints still rock !


PRAIRIE DRESSES – Long length , often floral , broderie anglaise , long sleeved very hippy .


SURF / CYCLE – As I said in last weeks blog , cycle shorts are not going away ! We will be seeing them in florals , neon and tie dye  !!!!! The factories are full of these fabrics . Worn with oversized sweats , slouchy tees and blazers .


BOARD SHORTS – along with scuba surf fabrics , a jaws like theme ! Also tight fitting cycle tops , very multi colour block, high necked and body hugging !





OVER SIZED HATS – Bucket hats


WONKY COUTURE – What ???? 50’s and 60’s era couture gowns reworked as shorter , less precious more casual pieces but wait for it – worn with your trainers !

So thats my take on the main trends we can expect to see through out the Summer of 2019.

I think , once its watered down , there is something for everyone .

In fact most of it I have in my loft already lol !

Have a great week

Jane xxxxx