Be Caring When Your Sharing x

What a devastating week its been for all the friends and family of Caroline Flack


Just so unbelievably sad on so many levels.

The outpouring of love


 the tragic news, highlights just how liked and loved she actually was.

About the only thing we can be 100% sure of is the crippling pain she must of been in, to have made this final choice.

That same crippling pain will now, sadly, have been passed onto her loved ones to try and live with.

As always there are a million different opinions as to what should and shouldn’t have been said and done.

Questioning who’s doorstep should the blame be left on?

To me it’s just the saddest thing imaginable, that someone could feel so alone in their head.

They might well be the best at giving help out, listening, advising, caring, soldiering on, feeling unable to complain as they live this seemingly perfect life with all the trappings.

Social media can only paper over the cracks for a while. Sadly, It seems some people just can’t ask for help for themselves for whatever reason. Maybe they think they have to have all the answers and always be strong and thats an exhausting lonely place to be.

 Facing up to letting down the people they love and care about the most, is never going to be easy, especially if its not the first time they have made bad choices.The truth hurts but avoiding friends and loved ones, opinions and not talking must be as painful as not being given a chance to help and being left with a thousand questions unanswered.

I just want to yell from the roof tops,




Social media, like it or hate it, is going nowhere , it’s here to stay .

Until the government make it mandatory that you have to verify your identity with ID, before setting up media accounts, fake accounts can continue to be set up with the sole purpose of bringing someone down.

They can create fake news , reviews, bully and harass without ever being held accountable because they are untraceable.

WHAT CAN WE DO ? Be caring when sharing.

Life would be so much easier if we all came with a personal handbook, even those trained can’t possibly know how to always do & say the right things at the right time because we are all individuals with our own tale to tell.

This news just shook me to the core.

Where can we start ? Maybe tell anyone thats questioning what’s the point? Tell them that when you love someone, you really do love them, warts and all.

As shocked, angry, hurt & disappointed in them, as you might well be you can and will work through it together.

And by sharing with you or someone else,  you might just be able to make them laugh. 

You might just…….. say one thing that reminds them how important they are, regardless of whatever it is they are beating themselves up about in their head over and over.

YOU might just……..hold them and that cuddle might make them feel safe and loved enough to face another day.

Thats what Caroline asked for.

Some Happy News

We have some new neighbours in Tolgate Lane💛


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Tel 01634 393021

The Lane is now filled with the scent of beautiful blooms

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Have a great week girls

Lots of Love❤️

xxx J a n e H u m e xxx













2 thoughts on “Be Caring When Your Sharing x”

  1. Your words are always so spot on Jane. That’s why we are blessed because we have a strong community that supports eachother. Every district needs a Jane’s Stall! The famous people seem to end up being so isolated. We may not be as rich but I think we have riches in other ways.

    Fantastic news ‘re the florist. Fashion and flowers, what more can a girl want 😉 oh and sparkly finger nails too of course 💅🏼 x

    1. Thanks Sophia, we are the lucky ones, you really cant ever put a price on having true friends, that you know you can trust, through the highs and lows 😘xxxxxx

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