When will I ever learn !

Will I ever learn !?!

Arranging a ? Halloween ?  party ? to raise funds for Rochester United football club, two days before going on holiday, was not one of my best ideas ?? for either my sanity or marriage lol but what a great night we had !

It was, of course, no simple task transforming the club into a spooky dungeon and meant dragging as many willing and unwilling helpers into the task!

Most family and friends have learnt to give me a wide birth around this time of year,  avoiding me at all costs!

Not even the promise of a roast dinner could entice them, that is except for the trusty die hards, my dependables  ❤️ + my newbies Zoe and Sophia ?

Maxine, couldn’t even be at the party as she would be away, celebrating a best friends 50th but somehow, she ended up cooking us all Sunday dinner to paint all the decorations all over her

– normally very tidy garden, kitchen, conservatory & dining room floor !

No ones safe, husbands kids and boyfriends are rounded up and armed with a paintbrush!

My little brother Dave had the task of making dementors. 

I sent him a text,

Your mission if you choose to except it is …………

  He made me not one but three ! ❤️

This did cost me a roast dinner and a lot of chicken wire!

One of my factories donated me a giant roll of black fabric to cover the walls of the club and then, my mum, was given the task of hemming the lot the very day she came back from her holidays. ?❤️

Along with a list, she loves my lists they have the strangest items on them although Rae had – white tights or stockings and a red lipstick on her list .……. for her dad!

Matt has learnt over the years to not even ask what he’s wearing lol it’s normally non negotiable ? on the very morning of the party though, after being told he was wearing a dress, he point blank refused!?!

I cried ?? until he gave in ???

I didn’t get the time to put my makeup on I was supposed to have a snake ? face full of makeup but in the end I just ended up with all Matts over my face, as did everyone else lol by the end of the night his makeup was all gone lol!


Phebs and her family looked just brilliant


Along with some other great costumes


There was this one skinny bird that put herself about and no one knew who she came with, I didn’t invite her honest Max !

Thankfully everything came together on the night and a lovely amount of money was raised for the club. ??


Have a great week girls

Leave me any comments below ?❤️

Xxxx J a n e  H u m e xxxX