Work do’s and don’ts !

Works Do

We had a great night at The Village in Maidstone , dinner and dancing ?


Can some of us remember all of it ?

Now that’s another matter lol 

  Oh Dearie me !

Definite ‘ Party Blues ‘ for Matt.

He always starts off so well

3 Stages of his night 


He blamed it on being the only fella not that they only served Stella ?

Thankfully, quiet frankly, this could have been anyone of our team………except me of course!

Having worked in London, where the tales of office shenanigans actually gave me curly hair, ours was quite tame!

My dad came along to my first office Christmas do – he said it was so I didn’t have to come home on the train alone but I think, having worked with the suits for so many years, he had witnessed some of the most educated, powerful men loose all control at the office party and we are not just talking about on the dance floor!

I remember my daughter Reggie’s first one in London I had given her all the warnings about alcohol as she was only just 16.

Another apprentice called me and said, She was worried as she was getting off the train, leaving Reggie with her head down the train toilet at about 10pm?!?!

I’m not sure what worried me most – the thought of her having her head down a train toilet or her being that drunk to go anywhere near one ?

On collecting her from the wrong train station, miles in the opposite direction from home, a weeping, shoeless, bundle of black mascara emerged looking far from classy – impossible too, with sick in your hair.

I held off on the pointless lecture, knowing and wanting it to sink in and hurt more the following morning when her head would be pounding too!

Apparently, she had absolutely no intentions of getting this wasted drunk . They had nothing to drink other than Champagne, which she had never tasted before and went down like lemonade!

They then had an awards ceremony, where they proceeded to raise a glass and toast all the bigwigs. By the time they had finished and when the cold air hit her, she couldn’t feel her legs or tongue, never a good sign!

She was never going to drink that ‘ bubbly stuff ‘  again ever ever ever! 

For us, it’s a small gesture of thanks, they all work so hard for us and thankfully for Matt, he couldn’t shock them even if he tried ……. except maybe Pheebs and Ruby, although I get the feeling they just thought it was a great photo opportunity?

I know, some firms have their Christmas do’s right through to March ? how bazaar is that?

I hope you all get to enjoy watching your boss make a total muppet of them self

but more importantly, that you enjoy your friendships and every day highs and lows of working together.

After all, we end up spending such a huge chunk of our lives with our work colleagues, if your lucky, like us,  you get to laugh everyday.

Sometimes, the most unlikeliest of friendships blossom because your having to work alongside one another day in day out.

How about working in the Houses of Parliament can you imagine plying that lot with alcohol, party poppers and tinsel.

Somehow I get the feeling things would happen a lot quicker ????? O R D E R  O R D E R!

After the elections I’m hoping we can all unite, we can hope hey ❤️

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Have a great week girls

leave me any comments below on your work do’s ??

lots of love

Jane Hume xxxx